Jude 1:3 "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." 2Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."   1Thesselonians 5:21 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 

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—Abraham: Recent Discoveries and Hebrew Origins (1935), Sir Leonard Wooley, Litt.D., dedicated to Rudyard Kipling, 299pp. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (22)]

—Amazing Story How Archaeology Proves Bible is True (1943), Sabier, 89p. stplbk. [mcg = (6)]

—America: Christian Nation (1905), Ass.Supr.Ct. Just., David J. Brewer, 100p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (10)]

—America’s Appointed Destiny: Outlined By Scriptures & Great Seal of Nation (1942), Frederick Haberman [author of Tracing Our Ancestors (1934)] 210p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (18)]

—Ancient America (1872), Baldwin, 300p [mcg = (20)]

—Ancient and Modern Israel (1922): an address given by Rev. S. R. Gordon, D.D., LL.D. (President Emeritus, Tulsa University; former President, Tulsa University; former Director of Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh; former Dean and Professor of Bible at Kendall College at the Presbyterian Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma; 40p. booklet [mcg = (4)] Re-type-set

—The Ancient Egyptians and the Origin of Civilization (1923), G. Elliot Smith, 240p. (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (18)]

—Ancient History (1730-1738) Charles Rollin, 4 vol, c.780p./each, (CB-8½x11, CEE), Vol 1 (from 1855 London ed. with intro. & biog. from 1829 ed.) Vol 2,3,4 (from latest London ed. c.1900) [mcg = (40 each) or (150.00 for set)] EXCELLENT! Christian perspective. Extensively quotes Herodotus, Pliny, etc. Quoted extensively by later historians.

—Ancient History: From The Earliest of Times To The Fall of The Western Empire: Chaldaea, Assyria, Media, Babalonia, Lydia, Phoenicia, Syria, Judaea, Egypt, Carthage, Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Parthia, Rome (1899), G. Rawlinson, (CB-SBS), xxviii.pp./488pp. [mcg = (30)]

—Ancient Pillar Stones of Scotland Their Significance and Bearing on Ethnology (1856), Dr. George Moore, 179pp., pb. [mcg = (25)] (author of Saxons of the East and Saxons of the West.) (pb., not one we reprint; but available)

—Anglo-Israel or The Saxon Race (1880), W.H. Poole, 688p. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (40)]

—Anglo-Saxon Grammar and Reader (1889), Stephen Carpenter,212pp., plastic comb bound, computer enhanced edition (only 8.5x11 2x2 format available right now) [mcg = (20)]

—Anglo-Saxon Primer (1890), Henry Sweet,12pp./116pp./8pp., computer enhanced standard book size edtion, plastic comb bound [mcg = (15)] has some reading from Anglo-Saxon Bible, as well as A-S literature.

—Annals of the World: Bishop James Ussher’s Classic Survey of World History from creation to a.d.70, 960pp., [mcg = pb. (31) (reg 35); Hb. w/slip-case plus CD ROM (60) (reg 70)] first time available in 300 years.


—Anglo-Saxon Israel or Israel Britain: An Explanation of the Origin, Function and Destiny of the Norse-Anglo-Celto- Saxon Race in the British Empire, U.S.A., Holland, Scandinavia and Iceland (1934; abbreviated edition), Adam Rutherford, 207pp. pb., [mcg = (15)] Complete (complete Fourth Edition, 1939) 825 pages, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (55)]


—The Anglo-Saxon World (c.1944), Supplementary Number (Vancouver B.C.) (CB-OS-8½x11, CEE, AIP), 48p. [mcg = (8)]

—Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters (Dr. O’Donovan, Professor Eugene Curry, The Rev C.P. Meehan, Dr. R.R. Madden, and Other Eminent Scholars), from the Earliest Period to the Year 1616 (1869 ed. edited by Haverty), 8.5x11, over 1000pp. Computer enhanced, bound in 2 plastic comb-bound volumes. Very Rare Book. Most respected and thorough book on early Irish History. [mcg = (100)]


—Anthropology (1878), Dr. Paul Topinard, 548p. + xvi, (CB-SBS) [mcg = (36)]


—Aryan Origin of The Alphabet (1927), Prof. (of Tibetan, London Univ.) L.A. Waddell, 80p (stpbk.) [mcg = (8.50)]

—The Aryans: A Study Of Indo-European Origins (1926), Childe, 221p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (15)]

—An Assyrian Grammar: With Full Syllabary: and Progressive Reading Book of the Assyrian Language, in the Cuneiform Ty, (c. 1880; 2nd. ed.) Prof. A.H. Sayce, 131pp., pb., [mcg = (17)]



—The Bible Comes Alive (c.1924), Sir Charles Marston, (CB-SBS), xix/303/40pp. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (25)]


—The Bible Verified (1890), Rev. Andrew W. Archibald, 256pp. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (22)] (rare book)


—Bishop Strossmayer’s Speech [Vatican Council of 1870] (Bishop testifies Papacy not found in Scripture) 23p. (stpbk., CEE) [mcg = (1.50)]


—Blood-Groups and Race (1935) J. Millot (Professor at the Sorbonne, Paris), reprinted in and from the Annual Report, Smithsonian Institution, 1937), 10pp., booklet, [mcg = (1)], computer enhanced edition


—Bohemia: A Sketch (1896), Count Francis Lutzow, 438pp. [Czech., Bohemian, and related peoples] [mcg = (35)]


—The Boer Fight For Freedom (1902), Michael Davitt, 600+p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (35)]


—The Book of the Princes of Wales: Heirs to the Crown of England (1860), Dr. John Doran, 555p. [reprinted from #10 in a deluxe edition limited to 1000 copies) [Chancellor-Bishop Houghton of St. David’s in 1377 (see p. 138 of Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, Balaicius/STM) in speech given on p.204 declared that England was Israel.] [mcg = (35)]


—Britain & America: Lost Israelites or 10 Tribes Identified in Anglo-Celtic Race (1902) Rev. Mckillop, 520p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (35)]


—Britain’s Place in History (1936), Rev. Dobson, 124p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (12)]


—British History, A Challenge to Reason (1946), F. Wallace Connon, 64p. (stplbk, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (5)]


—British History Traced From Egypt and Palestine (1927), Commander L.G.A. Roberts, c180p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (18)]


—British-Israel: How I Came to Believe It (1875), Bishop Titcomb (1st Anglican Bishop to Rangoon, Burma) 212p. (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (16)]


—British-Israel Truth (1926), ed. by Hanan/Aldersmith, 274p. (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (17)]


—British Nation Identified With Lost Israel (47 identifications) (1874), Edward Hine, 297p (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (18)]


—The British Nation: The Lost Ten Tribes (1878), Canon Brownrigg, Incumbant of St. John’s Church, Tasmania, 32pp [mcg = (3)] Computer Enhanced Edition



—By Divine Appointment, Bertrand Comparet, 29p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg=(2)]


—Byelorussia: Making of a Nation (1956), Nokolas P. Vakar, 300+pp. (2 pages on each 8.5x11 page, side-by-side) comb bound. [mcg = (20)]



—The Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland (1902), Heinrich Zimmer (Prof. of Celtic philology at the University of Berlin), Translated by A. Meyer, xv/131pp. standard book sized comb-bound [mcg = (14)]


—The Church & Usury (1914) Rev. Pat. Cleary, 207pp. (CB-SBS) [mcg=(20)]

—Commentaries on the Laws of Ancient Hebrews (1853) E.C. Wines 640p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (40)]


—Commentary on the Whole Epistle of the Hebrews (1655, 1866 edition, 3 vol.) William Gouge; 1162p.; (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (75)]


Communist Manifesto (1848) Karl Marx, 47p. (stpbk., CEE) [mcg = (3)]


—Conquest of A Continent (1934), Madison Grant, 395p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (25)]


—Conquest of Civilization (1926), Breasted, c.700pp. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (45)]


—Conspiracy or Degeneracy? (1967) (being the complete text of an address given at the New England Rally for God, Family, and Country, Boston, MA July 2, 1966), Revilo P. Oliver, 86pp. booklet [mcg = (6)] (author of Enemy of Europe [pb.], All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us, [stplbk.])


—Constitutional History of England (1921), Adams, 518p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (28)]



—Culture and Kulture Race-Origins: The Past Unveiled (1919), Herbert Bruce Hannay, 160pp., plastic comb-bound [mcg = (20)]



—Dawn of European Civilization(1958),Childe, 368p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (22)]


—Day of the Saxon (1912), Homer Lea, 249pp. [mcg = (18)] Brilliant mind warns whites about absorbing nonwhites



—Death at Katyn (1933), 48pp., pb.,[mcg = (3.50)] ;



—Discoveries Among the Ruins of Ninevah and Babylon (1853) Sir Austen Henry Layard, M.P., xvi/586pp. (very rare book) (CB-SBS) [mcg = (45)]


—Dissertation on the Origin and Progress of the Scythians or Goths: Being an Introduction to the Ancient and Modern History of Europe (1787), John Pinkerton, xxvipp./209pp., plastic comb bound, standard book size, computer-enhanced edition, quality near perfect. very rare book [mcg = (25)]


—Divine Diet, Dr. Clem Davies, 49p. stpbk. [mcg = (6)] [CEE] [AIP]


—Documents of Destiny (or Father Time KC) (1958), F. Wallace Connon, 158p. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (14)]


—The Dooms of King Alfred, (laws of England based upon the Bible established c.890 A.D.) 58p, (stpbk., CEE) [mcg = (6)]


—Druidism in Britain: A Preparation for the Gospel (1928), Commander, Rev. L.G.A. Roberts, 22pp., [mcg = (1.50)], computer enhanced edition



—The Early Kings of Norway (c.1850), Thomas Carlyle, 107pp., plastic comb bound, standard book size, computer-enhanced edition, quality near perfect. [mcg = (10)] (covers Harald Haarfagre to Hakon the Old: c.850-1250) [though short and inexpensive, it is not the best on the topic; any others are better.]


—Early Scottish Church (1864), Rev. Thom. M’Lauchlan, x/450p.standard book sized comb-bound [mcg = (30)]



—Earth’s Annular System (1912), Vail (earth originally had ring like Saturn) (CB-8½x11) 406p. [mcg = (24)]



—The Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotus (1895), Prof. Sayce, 340+p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (22)]


—Elements of Hebrew: An Inductive Method (1886; 1894 ed.), William R. Harper, Ph.D., 204p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (15)]



—An Emerging Civilization (1952), C.R. Dickey (author of One Man’s Destiny; 214pp., computer enhanced edition, standard book size, plastic comb bound [mcg = (20)] excellent history in light of our identity



—England and Europe (1943), John Amery, 31pp., [mcg = (3)] Amery and Joyce (author of Twilight Over England) were both hanged by their own country, Britain, for ‘treason". Other patriots like Mosley were "interred" under orders of Winston Churchill (who himeself was part "jewish"). The famous writer Exra Pound barely escaped death himself. All for daring to oppose the "jewish" powers that be.




—England: The Remnant of Judah and The Israel of Ephraim (1860; 2nd ed. 1881), F.R.A. Glover, c.200p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (18)]




—English Derived From Hebrew (1869), Govett, 130p., paperback [mcg=(10)]



—English Hexapla (1841) 6 early versions, side by side columns: Wiclif (1380), Tyndal (1534), Cranmer (1539), Geneva (1557), Rheims (1582). King James (1611), including 160 p. history of English translations; also includes original Greek text of Scholz with various readings of Textus Receptus and principle Constantinopolitan and Alexandrian manuscripts, & complete collation of Sholz’s text w/Griesbach’s 1805 ed. [mcg = (150)

  (CB-8½x11, CEE)]; or Hb. (175) (reg 200)]





—Englishman & Israelites, Turks & Edomites, Politics & Prophecy (1896) Pain, 168p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (14)]




—The Enthroned Christian, F.J. Huegel, c.118pp. plastic comb-bound reprint [mcg = (8)] (victorious Christian living)




—Epistle to the Romans (1947), Goard, 90p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (10)]



—Eternal Punishment, Arthur W. Pink, 36p. [mcg = (2.50)]




—European and Other Race Origins (1914), Prof. H.B. Hannay, 492p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (32)]




—Evolution of Israel: Story of English Race from 721 B.C. To Present Day (c.1900) Captain De Weldon, 405p. (CB-OS-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (25)]



—Facets of the Great Story (1954), H. Robin Tourtel (South Africa), 174p. (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (12)] very good book.



—The Family of Fasken (1931), by Brig.-Gen. W.H. Fasken, C.B., (author of Israel’s Racial Origins and Migrations), 8.5x11, plastic comb bound; 33pp., + 3 pgs of genealogical chart of Fasken Family. It sadly does not contain a picture of Gen. Fasken himself, but contains one of his parents and a detailed family history. very rare book. [mcg = (10)] [computer enhanced]



—The Fifth Monarchy (1913), Waddington, 52p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (6)]



—Footsteps of Israel: From Eden to the City of God (1930) Samuel Greenwood, plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced 346pp., rare book [mcg = (28)]



—The Ford Sunday Evening Hour Talks (1937-1938), W.J. Cameron, 135p. (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (10)]



—Foreign Entanglements Through United Nations (1952) Congressional Record, Hon. John Wood, 4p. 8.5x11 paper [mcg = (.50)]



—The Franks: A Critical Study in Christianisation and Imperialism (written in 1940 in Dutch; this is the English translation), F.J. Los, 112 pages, plastic-comb-bound, computer-enhanced edition, [mcg = (10)] (author sadly knocks Christianity, however, more properly he saw many of the evil influence of the Catholic religion, including the de-Germanization and weakening of the Germanic peoples. He presents quite a different view of Charles the Great (the original Dutch title of his book was "Charles the Frank: "the Great"?). Regardless of its flaws, it offers a unique perspective with good information.




—Fresh Light From The Ancient Monuments (1885), Sayce, 200+p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (16)]




—From Troy To Britain, William James, 30pp. booklet, [mcg = (3)]




—The Future of Britain (1912), Col. Garnier, 76p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg=(8)]



—The Future of Israel and Judah (1880) Dr. Joseph Wild, 128p. (CB-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (10)]G




—A Gallery of Jewish Types, Stoddard, 22p. [mcg = (3.25)]



—The General History of Ireland (translated in 1841 from the original Irish Language; written in early 1600’s), Jeoffry Keating D.D., 600p. in 2 vol

(CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (70)] (very rare book)



—Germany Must Perish (1941), Kaufman, 97pp., pb., [mcg = (8)]




—Geography of the Gates (1880), Philo-Israel, 192p. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg= (14)]




—Glastonbury: The Mother of Saints: Her Saints from A.D. 37 to 1539 (1927), Rev. L. S. Lewis, Vicar of Glastonbury, 108p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (10)]


—God Counts: Amazing Discoveries in Bible Numbers, W.E. Filmer, 86p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (6)]



—The Gospel of the Kingdom, Bertrand Comparet, Volume 1&2, 2 paperback books, 98p./103p. [mcg = (6) for the set]



—The Gothic History of Jordanes (1915 edition; English edition with Introduction and Commentary by C.C. Mierow)) or De origine actibusque Getarum [Of the Origin and Deeds of the Goths] or [as abbreviated] Getica [Goths] [written c. a.d.550], Charles Christopher Mierow, Ph.D., vipp./188pp., plastic comb bound, standard book size, computer-enhanced edition, quality near perfect. rare book [mcg = (20)]




—Grammar of the Gothic Language (1910), Joseph Wright, 383pp., plastic comb bound (8.5x11 2x2 available now) [mcg = (22)]



—The Grand Design (1977), Douglas Reed, 45p. (stplbk., CEE) [mcg = (4)]



—The Great Awakening: God’s Call To Great Britain (From Genesis to Revelation) (1929), Fuller-Good, 460pp., standard book size, plastic comb bound, computer enhanced edition [mcg = (35)]



—Great Britain Great (1927), Prof. Odlum, 50p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (5)]



—The Greatest Subversive Plot in History: Report To Amer. People on UNESCO (1951), Congressional Record, Hon. John Wood, 2 pg. 8.5x11 [mcg = (.25)]



—Greatness & Decline of the Celts (1934) Henri Hubert, 330p. [mcg = (22)]




—Guthones (The Goths): Kinsmen of The Lithuanian People (1929) Alexander Rackus, M.D.; 432 pp., computer-enhanced, plastic comb-bound, very rare book, left side of page is English/left side is Lithuanian. Gives a list of words in Gothic nd Lithuanian (and English) to show relation [mcg = (25)] (may take few weeks; still being prepared)




—The Hapless Boers, Eugen Vroom, 43p. [mcg = (4.50)]




—The Hand of God in History or Divine Providence (1864), Hollis Read, 335pp. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (25)]



—Healing By Obedience (c.1938), Smith, 48p (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (5)]



—Hear the Other Side: The Afrikaner Side and the German Side; Schoeman, 76pp. stapleback [mcg = (5)]



—Hebrew and English Some Likenesses Psychic and Linguistic (c.1924), James, J. Courtenay, 134pp. plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (12)] rare book



—Hebrews in East Anglia (1870), Dr. Moses Margoliouth, very rare book. 112pp., plastic comb-bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (12)] author gives proofs concerning "jews" in England, undoubtedly early Hebrews, not "jews." Contains some interesting info.



—The Heir of the World or the Nations of Europe as Descended from Abraham: The Cymry and Gael (1876), by "A.S." [Col. John Cox Gawler, Keeper of the Crown Jewels] 164pp. plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (15)] rare book


—Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race (1928), M.H. Gayer, O.B.E., 95p. (CB-OS-8½x11, CEE, AIP) book with a very detailed chart (2½’x3½’) [mcg = (20)] (chart currently rolled. Note: For additional 2.50 it can be sent in a tube, otherwise, it will be folded and placed in the back of the book, as the original was).

With tube




—Historical Evidences of Truth of Scripture Records (1872), Rawlinson, 454p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (30)]



—Historical Outlines on Lithuania (1921) Joseph J. Hertmanowicz, 43pp., stapleback, computer enhanced copy of this rare book which I have re-done, adding extra photos of famous Lithuanians, for the cover I have used a copy of the famous painting, The Battle of Zalgiris" by the "Czech Rembrandt" Jan Matejko. [mcg = (6)]



—History of Ancient World (For High Schools and Academies) (1904) G.S.Goodspeed, 482p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (32)]




—The History of Ancient Caledonia (c.1870) John MacLaren, 128p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) (very rare book) [mcg = (16)]




—The History of the Anglo-Saxons (1841), Sharon Turner, 2 Vol 1284p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (70)] RARE FIND, Excellent Book!




—History of Bohemia (1896), Count Francis Lutzow, 438pp. [Czech., Bohemian, and related peoples] [mcg = (35)]




—The History of the Great Boer Trek and the Origin of the South African Republics (1899), Hon. Henry Cloete, LL.D., (CB-SBS), xxiv/196pp. (CB-SBS, [mcg = (20)]




—History of Herodotus, translated by Prof. George Rawlinson (1910, 1924 ed.) in 2 vol., xii/353pp. and xxvi/366p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (55)]



@—The History of Ireland from the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1867; 1885 ed.), Martin Haverty. Note: This is not itself The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters which is contained in 7 volumes and is over 4,000 pages. [A reprint of the entire Annals... is available for 150000 + P&H, or an original for 6,50000 + P&H.] Haverty drew his material directly from the Annals..., gleaning the most relevant information; he drew further from the modern authors of the Annals... (Dr. O’Donovan, Professor Eugene Curry, The Rev C.P. Meehan, Dr. R.R. Madden, and Other Eminent Scholars), through extended, personal communication with them. This book by Haverty was considered the finest work on Irish History at the time he wrote it. It’s original size was 8.5x11, in all it contains about 1100pp., including many nice illustrations, and some additional chapters on Celtic literature and the geography of the major counties of Ireland (which were not in the 1867 ed.). Very Rare Book. Most respected and thorough book on early Irish History. The entire text is in tact, however, the last 4 or 8 pages of the index in the back are missing, as are a few pages of illustrations that are not pertinent to the text. I will try to locate copies of these. Computer enhanced, 2 vols. plastic comb-bound.


—History of the Langobards (Lombards) (1907) Paul the Deacon [a.d.700s], 437pp., computer enhanced, plastic comb-bound rare book [mcg = (40)]



—A History of Latvia (1951), Alfred Bilmanis, 450+pp., (2 pages on each 8.5x11 page, side-by-side) comb bound. [mcg = (30)]



—History of the Law Merchant (1904), published at Cambridge, 174pp., plastic comb bound [mcg = (16)]




—The History of Normandy and of England (1857), Sir Francis Palgrave, 4 Volumes total 3,248 pages; 8.5x11 (2x2) plastic comb bound; [mcg = (45 each) or (150) for set] Very rare book. Definitive history of the Normans. Vol. 1 covers: Medieval Europe, Carlovingian Empire, Danish expeditions into Gaul, Establishment of Rollo; Vol 2: Rollo, William Long Sword, Richard Fearless, Carlovingian line replaced by Capet; Vol 3: Richard Fearless, Richard Good, Richard III, Robert Devil, William Conqueror; Vol IV: William Rufus, Ascession of Henry Beauclerc.




—The History of the Northmen or Danes and Normans, From the Earliest Times to the Conquest of England by William of Normandy (1831), Henry Wheaton, 367pp,. standard book size, plastic comb-bound, Computer Enhanced Edition, quality near perfect, [mcg = (35)] very rare book




—History of the Puritans & Pilgrim Fathers (1888): The Puritans in England, W.H. Stowell, and The Pilgrim Fathers, D. Wilson, 508pp., (CB-SBS) [mcg = (30)]




—The History of the Rediscovery of Israel (1946) & The Father of the Rediscovery of Israel: John Wilson (1950), A.B. Grimaldi, (2 booklets in 1, re-typeset) 32pp., [mcg = (3)]


—History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin (8 vol., 1880 edition) J.H. Merle D’Aubigne, 1) Geneva And France (466p.); 2) Geneva And France (493p.); 3) France, Switzerland, Geneva (492p.); 4) England, Geneva, France, Germany, and Italy (522p.); 5) England, Geneva, Ferrara (498p.); 6) Scotland, Switzerland, Geneva (546p.); 7) Geneva, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Bohemia, the Netherlands (605p.); 8) Hungary, Poland, Bohemia, Netherlands, Geneva, Denmark, Sweden, Norway (484p.); 4106p., 93p. indx. 8 vol. set, (2x2) 8½x11 [mcg = (200)] [Also Available in retype-set Hardback, see Hb section]



—History of the Rise of the Huguenots of France (2 vol., 1886, 1895) Henry Baird, 1127p., with 26p. index; 2 vol. set (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (70)]



—History of Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (1839), S. A. Dunham, Vol. 1, xxivpp./328pp plastic comb bound, standard book size, Computer enhanced edition. quality near perfect. (covers from earliest times to c. a.d.1020.; eventually vol. 2 and 3 will also be available). Rare book [mcg = (28)]



—The History of the Swedes (1832-36 in Swedish), Eric Gustave Geijer; translated from the Swedish by G. H. Turner, ESQ., M.A. (c.1845); originally 5 volumes written and printed in Swedish; the English translation contains the first 3 books which covers from earliest times to 1654 the ascension of Charles X. Computer Enhanced Edition, quality near perfect. Slightly enlarged Edition (original text width was 4 & 7/8 x 7 & 7/8 which has been expanded to 6.5 x 10); xvipp.,/348pp., plastic comb-bound 8.5 x11 [mcg = (40)] Very rare book. Considered a landmark text on the topic.



—History of the Wars: The Vandalic War, Procopius, written c. a.d. 460. by Procopius who was an attache of (Germanic) Roman General Belisarius. Re-typeset, c.230pp., plastic comb-bound. [mcg = (16)] very interesting for students who enjoy Viking and/or Roman histories.



—Holiness: The False and the True (1912), H.A. Ironside, 142p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (12)]



—Hon. Thurlow Weed on Morgan Abduction (1882) 16p. (stplbk., CEE) [mcg = (1)] (Capt. Morgan murdered after exposing Masonry)


—Hosea: The Heart & Holiness of God, G. Campbell Morgan, 159p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (12)]



—Human Cost of Communism in China, Prepared at Request of Sen. Tomas Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Admin. of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate, 1971, 44p [mcg = (3.50)]




—Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. Tomas Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of Committee on Judiciary United States Senate, 1971, 40p [mcg = (3.50)]I



Identity of Religions Called Druidical & Hebrew (Demonstr. from Nature & Objects of Worship...) (1829), 125p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (15)]




—Identity of Lost Ten Tribes of Israel with Anglo-Celto-Saxons, E.Hine, 64p (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (4)]



—The Illuminati (1967), Myron Fagan, 8 1/2 x 11, 23p. stapled [mcg = (2.50)]



The Importance of Race In Civilization, Macleod (1968) 100p. (stpbk., CEE) [mcg = (10)] excellent!



—The Inequality of the Human Races (1854), Arthur De Gobineau (1915 edition) 230p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (20)]



—Intelligence Work and the Bible: A Digest of Kingdom Truth (1960), Lt-Col. J.A. McQueen, D.S.O., M.C., 104p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (8)]



—The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Proven (1934) and The Inspiration of the Hebrew Scriptures Scientifically Proven (1928), Ivan Panin, 2 booklets in 1, 76pp. [mcg = (5)] (CEE)



—Isaiah: A Commentary (1931), Commander L.G.A. Roberts, 210p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (12)]


—Israel and Orthodoxy (1932) Rev. R.G.F. Waddington, 226p. (CB-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (15)]


—Israel Discovered in Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Kindred Nations (1874), H. Newton, 50p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (4)]



—Israel: Her Racial Divisions and Geographical Wanderings (1926), Rev., Captain Merton Smith, 16p. booklet [mcg = (2)] computer enhanced [very rare book]



—Israel in Britain (1940), by John Leech, M.A., LL.B., K.C. [Point by Point Refutation of W.F.P. Burton’s "Why I Do Not Believe the British Israel Theory"], respected King’s Counsellor and Barrister at Law listed in the "Who’s Who" of his day who quit his job in 1926 to preach the British Israel message. 48 page booklet, computer enhanced. [mcg = (5) very rare



—Israel in the Book of Revelation (1911); Commander L.G.A. Roberts, 231pp. plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced (also contains 20 page "Palestine into Britain" (1910) with maps and diagrams of coins) [mcg = (22)] rare book




—Israel’s Hope Encouraged (c.1680), John Bunyan, 126pp. (CB-SBS, CEE), [mcg = (10)]


—Israel’s Task and Her Silent Partner (1933), Rev. Alban Heath, 64p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (6)]



—Israelites Found in the Anglo-Saxons (1874) William Carpenter, 300p. (CB-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (18)]


—Israel, Judah & the Jew (1962), Olive A. Brake, 36p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (3)]



—Israel Redivivus (1905), F.C. Danvers, 315p (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (22)]


—Israel’s Migrations or An Attack Answered (1947), C.F. Parker, 32p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (3)]



—Israel’s Racial Origin & Migrations (early 1900’s), Brig.-Gen. Fasken, 100p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) (forward by Pasc. Goard) [mcg = (10)]



—Israel’s Wanderings (1900), Oxonian, 175p (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (16)]J



—Jesus Christ Triumphant (1926) Goard, 112p. [mcg = (5)] [CEE] [AIP]




—Jesus of Nazareth: Who Is He? (1959) Wallis, 48p. (stpbk., CEE) [mcg = (3)]




—Journeys to the Appointed Places, Stough, 100p (CB-OS-8½x11, AIP) [mcg=(10)]





—The Kingdom of God (1928), W. Pascoe Goard, 126p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (8)]



—Kings and Quakers: A Dialogue Between King Charles II and William Penn, 12p. booklet [mcg = (1)]



—Kissinger: Secret Side of Secretary of State, 138p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg=(12)]L



—Lancelot Andrews (1952), Florence Higham, 128pp. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg=(12)]



—The Law of Mandamus (1867), Halsey Moses, 268pp., comb bound [mcg = (22)]



—The Law and the Saint, Arthur W. Pink, 37p. [mcg = (3)]



—Law of The Lord: The Common Law (1928), Goard, 130p. reprinted by STM [mcg = (10)] [CEE] [AIP]



—Leaders of the Lutheran Reformation (1917) Board of Publication of the General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, 146pp., comb bound [mcg = (15)]



—Lectures on Theology (1850), Dr. John Dick, 2 vol., 1100+p. (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (85)]



Life From the Dead: Being a National Journal Associated with Identity of the British Being Lost Isael, by Edward Hine, Vol. III. (c.1876), 380pp.,; Vol. V. (1878), c.380pp.; Vol. VI. (1879), 380pp.,; very rare books, printed volumes of Hine’s monthly magazine (which Col. Gawler frequently wrote articles for), 8.5x11 (2x2) xerox format, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (18) each]



—Lightbearers of Darkness, Stoddard, 215p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (16)]



—Light For the Last Days (1918), Grattan Guinness, 360 total pages. 2x2, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (15)]



—Links In The Chain of Evidence Connecting Israel With England (1876), J. Leyland Feilden, 130p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (14)]


—Lithuania: The Awakening of a Nation (1924) Age Meyer Benedictsen, translated from the Danish, 248pp., plus 2 full color fold outs; computer enhanced, 8.5 x 7 comb-bound reprint. [mcg = (28)] Rare book. Excellent history overall.



—Lost Israel Found in the Anglo-Saxon Race (1886), E.P. Ingersoll, 84p (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (10)]



—The Lost Ten Tribes (1883), Rev. Joseph Wild, 200pp., pb. [mcg =(12)] [CEE] [AIP]



—Lost Ten Tribes: Anglo-Israel by a Jew (1884), Elieser Bassin, 32p. stapleback., computer-enhanced [mcg = (2.50)]



—The Lost Tribes of Israel (1907; 1908 ed.), Reader Harris, 85pp., (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (8)] (very rare book)



—The Lost Tribes Found in Assyrian Archives, Our Scythian Ancestors, & Who Were The Scots?, (3 booklets in 1) 24p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) W.E. Filmer [mcg = (2)]



—Lost Ten Tribes: Anglo-Israel by a Jew (1884), Elieser Bassin, 32p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (2.50)]



—Lost Tribes & the Saxons of the East & the Saxons of the West (1861), Dr. George Moore, M.D., 440p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (40)] excellent! rare find! very scholarly/detailed.M



—Magna Charta (1215), picture of document & retypeset English translation of Latin document, 24pp. booklet [mcg = (2)]


—Makers of Civilization in Race & History (1929) Prof. Waddell, 702p.(CB-8½x11) [mcg = (40)]



—The Man, (1937) Goard, 78p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (6)]



—Man Who Built Great Pyramids (1932), Bristowe (author of Sargon Magnificent), 195p, (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (16)]



—The Marks of Israel (1933) Henry D. Houghton, 48p. [mcg = (5)]



—Martin Luther King Jr.: His Three-Pronged Attackk On: I. Christ and the Bible; 2. The United States of America; III. Law and Order (1968), by Church League of America, Wheaton, Illinois, c.56pp. 8.5x11, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (7)], computer enhanced edition




—The Marvels of Bible Prophecy (1938) Maj.-Gen. H.N. Sargent, C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O., 340+p. (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (20)]



—The Master Plan (1968), Rev. A.S. Gaunt, 56p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (5)]



—The Measure of History, Sacred & Secular: The Standard Scale of Chronology (1893) Charles Totten, 280p (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (20)]



—Messages on Identity, Henry Stough, 124pp. (CB-OS-8½x11, AIP) [mcg= (12)]



—Message To The Church From The 19th Century (1887), Bishop J.H. Titcomb, D.D. 142pp., (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (12)]



—Migrations and the Kingdom, N. Nielson, (printed by Stough in Anglo-Israel Message, 1936), 72p, (CB-OS-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (8)]



—Migrations and the Kingdom, Stough, 2 Vol in 1, c.400p., (CB-OS-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (32)]



—The Mirror of Egypt In The Old Testament (c.1920) Liet.-Com. Victor L. Trumper, R.N.R., M.R.A.S., 174pp., (CB-SBS) [mcg = (25)]



—Miscellaneous Writings on the Lost Ten Tribes by Surgeon-General Dr. J.M. Grant, M.D., excerpted from The Banner of Israel, Volume XIII, 1889, computer-enhanced, 58pp., stapleback booklet [mcg = (4.50)]



—The Modern Hebrew and Hebrew Christianity (1882), Rev. Elieser Bassin, C.M., Ph.B., 275pp., plastic comb-bound, computer enhanced edition [mcg = (22)] very rare book. author, a "jew" and former rabbi, who wrote "Ten Lost Tribes," and believed Anglo-Saxons/Britain were Israel, gives his life story and how the "jews" tried to kill him when he converted to Christianity after having studied the New Testament—having eschewed the Talmud.



—Modern World & Its Delusions (1944), Maj,-Gen. H.N. Sargent, C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O., 127p., (CB-SBS, CEE AIP) [mcg = (11)]



—Mosby and His Men: Record of the Adventures of that Renowned Partisan Ranger, John S. Mosby, Colonel C.S.A. (1867), J. Marshall Crawford of Company B., 209pp., pb [mcg = (13)] One of most colorful, brave, daring & accomplished Civil War Confederate Cavalry officers.



—My Father’s Kingdom (previously titled, The Kingdom of God on Earth) (1933; 1947 ed.), Alban Heath, 208pp. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (16)]N


—The Naked Truth, Michael Welfare (published in 1729 in Phila. on Ben. Franklin’s press) 12p. (stplbk., CEE) in response to Sunday-keeping ministers who were attacking the German Sabbath-keepers of Penna. [mcg = (1.50)]


—National Israel in the World Today (c. 1955), Conrad Gaard, 22pp. 8.5x11 (was booklet size, but was small print, so I enlarged it to make for easier reading.) [mcg = (2)] (computer enhanced)



—National Rebirth of Judah (1920), J.H. Allen (Author of Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright), 125pp., plastic comb bound, standard book sized, computer-enhanced edition. rare book. [mcg = (12)] (Allen terribly confuses the "jews" with Judah and this book is replete with err—but may contain some worthwhile material)




—National Significance of the Book of Common Prayer, Lt.-Col. J.G. Wright, 21p. [mcg = (3)]



—The Nation’s Glory Leader, Vol. 6 (1878-79) collection of magazine issues by Edward Hine, 630p. (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (35)]



—Native Races of The Russian Empires (1854), Professor R.G. Latham,, 340p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (24)]


—The New Coming World (1930), Henry D. Houghton, x., 208, viii., pp. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (22)]



—New Knowlege About the Old Testament (1933), Sir Charles Marston, F.S.A., 182pp. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (18)]



—Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, Bertrand Comparet, 34p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (2)]



—No Liberty Without Law, Federation of the Covenant People (South Africa), CB-8½x11 (enlarged from smaller size), CEE, AIP) 190p. [mcg = (15)]



—None is So Blind but He that Will Not See, Congressional Record speech of Hon. James Utt (1962), 6p. booklet [mcg = (1)]



Norway (1901), Sigvart Sorenson, 353pp., computer-enhanced, plastic comb-bound, [mcg = (22)] (may take few months)



Notes & Queries on the Origin of British Israel (1920), Helen, Countess of Radnor, 48pp., stapleback, computer-enhanced edition with brief biography and photo; rare book [mcg = (3.50)] She wrote this to answer questions by her son and grandsons about their heritage.



—Objections to British Israel Teaching Examined (1951) J. Llewellyn Thomas, 64pp. booklet [mcg = (4)]



—The Oldest Letters in the World (1923), Mrs.Sydney Bristowe, 96p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (10)]



—The Oldest Trial in All of Recorded History, Gordon C. Peterson, 60pp., stapleback, retype-set, successful trial lawyer and member of Minnesota Legislature shows who the Beast of the Field is [mcg = (6)]



—Old Testament Chronology (1933) G.W. Gayer, 126pp. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) accompanied by 3 large folded charts (rare book) [mcg = (25)]



—Oliver Cromwell (1892) Frederic Harrison, 228p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (14)]


—101 Evidences Proving The Divine Origin and Destiny of The English-Speaking Peoples: Questions and Answers (1946), Charles, O. Benham, 122pp.+10pp. introductory and biographical information; plastic comb bound [mcg = (10)]



—One Hundred Reasons and More Why the British are Israelites (1933), Rev. R.G.F. Waddington, 60pp., [mcg = (6)]



—Only One Road (1949), Hon. L. H. Hollins (Australian Statesman), 221pp., (CB-SBS, AIP) well-researched and balanced presentation on what’s wrong in the world, history, money, politics [mcg = (20)]



—The Origin and History of the British Nation and its Connection with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (1878), by "Meni", 76pp., [mcg = (6)] Computer Enhanced Edition


—Origin of the Aryans (1889), Isaac Taylor, 350p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (24)]



—The Origin of the English (early 1900’s), Major B. De W. Weldon, 286p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (22)]




—Origin of the Nations (c.1877), Professor George Rawlinson, 272p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (20)] [AIP]



—Our British Ancestors: Who & What They Were, Canon Samuel Lysons, 555pp. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (35)] (very rare book)





—Our Celtic Heritage, Brig.-Gen. Sir Standish Crauford, 16pp., stapleback, [mcg = (1.50)]



—Our Descent From Israel Proved By Cumulative Evidence (1931), Colquhoun, 262p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (20)]



—Our Great Heritage: With Its Responsibilities (1927; 1937 ed.), W.T.F. Jarrold, (CB-8½x11, CEE, AIP) xxviiip./378p [mcg = (24)]



—Our Race: Its Origin & Destiny (1897), Totten, 260p. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (20)]



—Our Scythian Ancestors (1875), Col. J.C. Gawler, 14p. (stplbk-OS-8½x11-CEE, AIP) [mcg = (2)]




—The Painted Savages of England (1934), Rev. Alban Heath, 48p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (4)]



—The Passing of The Great Race (1916), Madison Grant, 248p., (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (20)] a classic!



—Paul Revere’s Own Account of His Midnight Ride (1775), w/ short account of his life, 12pp. booklet, [mcg= (1)]



—The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family - Derived from Odin, Founder of Scandinavia, B.C. 70, involving a period of 18 centuries and Fifty-five generation Down to General George Washington (1879), Albert Welles, 370pp.+ 37pp. introduction + several dozen illustrations, computer-enhanced edition, plastic comb bound, regular book size [mcg = (35)]



—Phoenicia (1889), Rawlinson, 356p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (24)]


—Phoenician Ireland (1837, 2nd edition), Doctor Joachimo Laurentio Villanueva, translated by Henry O’Brien, (with biographical intro. by O’Brien’s brother; 361pp. regular book size Plastic comb-bound, computer enhanced edition [mcg = 35)]


—A Plea For The Constitution of the United States: Wounded in the House of its Guardians (1886), George Bancroft, 88p., (stpbk., CEE) Preface by F. Tupper Saussey [mcg = (6)]



—PreAdamites (1880), Prof. Winchell 526p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (35)]


—Predestination: As Taught in the Bible and Verified in History, A Compilation Shewing the Fulfillment of God’s Promises to Israel in the British Race (1895) A.K. Robinson, 151pp., + 16pp., 367pp,. standard book size, plastic comb-bound, [mcg = (15)] (CEE)


—Predestination: Short Account of the History of Judah and Israel (1930) Rev. R.G.F. Waddington, 140+p. (CB-8½x11, AIP) [mcg = (12)]



—Predestination: As Taught in the Bible and Verified in History, A Compilation Shewing the Fulfillment of God’s Promises to Israel in the British Race (1895) A.K. Robinson, 151pp., + 16pp., 367pp,. standard book size, plastic comb-bound, [mcg = (15)] Computer Enhanced Edition


—Prehistoric Antiquities of the Aryan Peoples: A Manual of Comparative Philology and the Earliest Culture (1890), Dr. O. Schrader [being an English translation of the Second Revised and Enlarged German Edition], 487p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (28)]


—Prehistoric Nations, Baldwin (1892) Egyptians/Cuthites were white 414p (CB-OS-8½x11) [mcg = (28)]




—President Theodore Roosevelt on Race, Riots, Reds, & Crime 101p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (8)]



—Race Or Mongrel (1908) Alfred P. Schultz, 370p., (CB-SBS) [mcg = (24)]



—Races In Chaos (1960) Rev. W.G. Findlay (South Africa), computer enhanced edition 74pp with 22pp.,of extensive notes by RAB/STM, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (8)]



—Races of Europe (1899), Prof. Ripley, 624p. (CB-SBS) (pictures of racial types) [mcg = (40)]



—The Races of Mankind: A Review (1944), Col. Earnest Sevier Cox, 27p. (stplbk., CEE) [mcg = (2.50)]



—Racial and National Identity (c.1955), Col. William Potter Gale, 24pp. booklet [mcg = (2)] (computer enhanced)



—Racial Contrasts: Distinguishing Traits of The Graeco-Latins and Teutons (1908), Albert Gehring, 340p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (24)]



—The Racial Elements of European History (English translation 1927), Prof. Hans F.K. Gunther, 279p (CB-SBS) [mcg = (20)]



—Re-Forging America: The Story of Our Nationhood (1927), Lothrop Stoddard, Ph.D. 389pp., plastic comb bound Computer Enhanced Edition, standard book sized, plastic comb bound [mcg = (38)] or 8.5x11 side-by-side not enhanced [mcg = (25)]



—Relations Between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia & Origin of Russian State (1877), Vilhelm Thomsen, 150pp., (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (15)]



—The Renewal of History: How Empire Was Rebuilt and Replanted: Eochaidh the Hermonn or Knight of the Scarlet Thread (1892) Totten, 334p. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (24)]



—Revelation Fulfilled in History (1934), B. Stewart, 174+pp., good presentation from Historicist View that majority of Revelation was fullfilled in European history (not to be confused with the Praeterist View that ALL was fulfilled in 70 A.D.), not from Anglo-Israel perspective, but very good detailed historical analysis. [mcg = (20)] (CB-SBS, CEE)



—Revolt Against Civilization (1922) Stoddard, 274p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (22)]



—Riddle of Prehistoric Britain, Comyns Beaumont, 208p. (CB-OS-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (24)]



—Rights of The Kingdom or Customs of Our Ancestors: Touching the Duty, Power, Election, or Succession of our Kings and Parliaments: Our True Liberty, Due Allegiance, three Estates, their Legislative Power, Original, Judicial, and Executive; with the Militia. Freely Discussed through the British, Saxon, Norman Laws and Histories with an Occasional Discourse of Great Changes yet Expected in the World (writtten 1649; 1682 edition), John Sadler, M.P. (1st book in print known that mentions the Anglo-Israel Truth) 319pp. [mcg = (30)] [extremely rare book] (Old English type print where s’s look like f’s. [Computer Enhanced and Digitally Improved] 8½x5½ plastic comb-bound [NOT YET READY—send SASE if interested] Note: this is from a manuscript that is 325 years old. Due to acid from the ink, some pages bled through the other side; the worst of the pages I painstakingly cleaned up and reconstructed; however, there is a lot of "noise" or spots; some text is faint; some dark. It is readable; but will not be an easy read. This may be only for die-hard enthusiasts, collectors, researchers. 100 hours have been invested in preparing this for printing. The reprint quality is poor to fair. It is probably 99.5% readable; but may take some concerted effort in some places. No refunds on this title. Do not order it if you do not think you will be able to handle the care required to read it. One original copy was available on the used market for around $800 a few years ago. It has since disappeared. While I am disappointed with the quality, I am glad to be able to present such a rare title available nowhere else on earth.  (CB-SBS) [mcg = (30)]



—Rise of the Celts (1934) Henri Hubert, 350p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (24)]



—The Robber Barons: Great American Capitalists 1861-1901 (1934), Matthew Josephson, 480p. (Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Astor, Rothschild, etc. (CB-OS-8½x11) [mcg = (28)]



—Romance of Bible Chronology (1913), Anstey, 305p. (CB-8½x11) [mcg= (18)]



—Russia Cannot Win (1953), Charles Fowler, (Christian-Israel perspective) 193pp. plastic comb-bound [mcg = (14)]



—The Russian Primary Chronicle (written in 12th century by Netor(ius); translated 1930 by Samuel H. Cross; also called the Chronicle of Nestor/Nestorius or the Laurentian Text), 245pp. (reprinted from Harvard Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature, Volume XII); very rare book, computer-enhanced edition, reg. book sized, plastic comb bound [mcg = (25)]



—Sacred History of World As Displayed in Creation & Subseq. Events To Deluge (1834) Prof. Sharon Turner, 2 Vol, 1154p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (70)]



—Saint Joseph of Arimathea of Glastonbury or The Apostolic Church of Britain (1927), Rev. Lionel Smithett Lewis, 54p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (7.50)]


—Samuel Untermeyer’s "Sacred War" Speech (1933) with Coughlin’s Comments (1942), 12p. (stplbk., CEE) [mcg = (1.25)]



—Satan’s New Testament: Devil’s Bible: Sensational Analysis of Zionist Plan For World Power, Gerald L.K. Smith (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (4)]



—The Saxon Chronicle: A.D. 1 to 1154 (1823), Ingram, 8.5x11, 463pp., Anglo-Saxon/English translation in separate columns, contains short Anglo-Saxon Alphabet and primer; rare reprint, plastic comb bound, [mcg = (40)]



—Scientific Confirmation of Old Testament History (1907), G.F.Wright, 432p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (28)]



—The Secret Government of the United States (1962), Mary M. Davison (Secretary, Council on American Relations), 124pp., originally regular book size, but enlarged to 8½x11 because the print was small. computer-enhanced, plastic comb bound [mcg = (16)]



—Secret of the Universe (1932) [later retitled Trinity in the Universe—both out of print), by Nathan R. Wood, President of Gordon College of Theology, Boston, Mass., forward by G. Campbell Morgan, 223pp., plastic comb-bound, 8.5x11 side-by-side photocopy [mcg = (18)] normal book sized, Computer enhanced edition, perfect quality. [mcg = (25)]



—The Seed of Isaac (c.1880), J.D. Granger, xiv/283pp. (CB-SBS, AIP) [mcg = (25)] (very rare book)



—Six Old English Chronicles (Ethewerd’s Chronicle, Asser’s Life of Alfred, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s British History, Gildas, Nennius, and Richard of Cirencester) (1848), J.A. Giles, editor; 512pp., standard book size, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (40)], computer enhanced edition


—Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy: Parthia (1872), Rawlinson, 470p. (CB-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (33)]



—67 Subjects: Eyewitness Account: A Diary/Survey/Interpretation, Gerald L.K. Smith, 117p. (CB-SBS, CEE, AIP) [mcg = (12)]



—Sketches of the Covenanters (1913) J.C. McFeeters, (CB-8½x11, CEE), 412 pages. [mcg = (25)]



Sketches of Creation: Popular View of Some of Grand Conclusions of Sciences in Reference to The History of Matter and of Life (1870), Alexander Winchell, 460p. (CB-SBS) [mcg = (28)]



—The Spanish People: Their Origin, Growth, and Influence (1901), Martin A.S. Hume, xix./535pp. [mcg = (30)]



—Stone of Destiny (or the Stone that Binds the Commonwealth) (1951), F. Wallace Connon, 90p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (8)]



—The Story of Ireland (1905) Condensed Edition, Prof. C.A.L. Totten, 71pp., stapleback, retype-set [mcg = (5)]



—The Story of the Nations: The Story of Norway (1895), Hjalmar H. Boyeson, xxvpp.,/556pp.,/ivpp., plastic comb bound, standard book size, Computer Enhanced Edition; quality near perfect. [mcg = (40)] rare book, illustrated CEE, CB-SBS [Excellent book in an excellent series of which we are proud to offer over a dozen (and the first one I highly recommend): This is the only one in the series which has been computer enhanced and printed in standard book sized; the others in the series will only be in CB-8.5x11, xerox format with 2 original pages per 8.5x11 page. These others in the series which we offer are: The Goths (1891) Bradley, 376pp,.[mcg = (22)] Excellent book! A must for students of our heritage. Others are: Austria, Balkans, Bohemia, Carthage, Early Britons, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Medieval France, Normans, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wales; they typically range from 310pp. to 380pp., thus [mcg = (25)]



 —Studies in Ezekiel 1926) Commander L.G.A. Roberts, 108pp. plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (10)] rare book



—Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization (1947), Sen. (former Govr. of Miss.) Theod. Bilbo, 330p [mcg = (28)] [CEE]



—Teutonic Unity (1951), Earnest Sevier Cox, 304pp., book sized, plastic comb bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (25)]



—To Heal A Nation, Snook, 186p. plastic comb-bound, computer enhanced reprint (U.S.A. & Scripture) [mcg = (12)] Highly recommended, Repentence for our sins and obedience to God’s Law is the answer for our nation.



—The True Ecclesia (1954), Cmdr D.H. MacMillan, M.B.E., R.N.R., 36p. (stplbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (3.50)]



—Unending Hate (1955), Earnest Sevier Cox (Author of White America), 47pp., stapleback, computer enhanced [mcg = (4.50)]



—The USA in Bible Prophecy: 2 Sermons Preached to the US Congress in 1857 by Rev. F. E. Pitts of Tenn., 57pp., pb., [mcg = (4)]




—The Way Out: God’s All Wise Plan For Deliverance of the United States of America and the Associated British Nations, Keen Polk (c.1930), (includes his "Everything After Its Kind"), 99pp., computer enhanced edition, rare book, plastic comb-bound [mcg = (10)]


—We Europeans: Survey of Racial Problems (1935), J.S.Huxley/A.D.Haddon, 300p, (CB-8½x11) [mcg = (22)]



The Welsh Triads and Laws of Howel the Good (taken from Welsh Medieval Law (1909), Wade-Evans, 270p. (CB-8½x11, CEE) [mcg = (18)]



—White America (1923, 1937), Earnest Sevier Cox, 220p. (Cb-SBS, CEE) [mcg = (20)]



—A White Man Finds His God (1933) George Benwood, 96 pp. plastic-comb-bound, computer enhanced [mcg = (8)] rare book



—Who And Where Are The Lost Ten Tribes, Rev. J.Heslip, 31p. (stpbk., CEE, AIP) [mcg = (2.50)]



—William Penn’s Plan For the Peace of Europe (1694), 20pp., booklet [mcg = (1.50)]



—You & Segregation (1955), Herman Talmadge, 79p. (stplbk., CEE) [mcg=(10)]



[The below "children’s" books were written for public schools c.1874. However, since our schools have been "dumbed down" most likely they are on a college entrance level now. Much good pre-liberal, pre-pseudo-revisionist info. They are excellent!]


—History For Young Readers: Canada (1899), McIlwraith, 253pp., [mcg = (18)] (D. Appleton & Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of England, (1879) Charlotte Yonge, 415pp. [mcg = (28)] (Illustrated) (Estes & Lauriat Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of Germany, (1878) Charlotte Yonge, 474pp. [mcg = (30)] (Illustrated) (D. Lothrop & Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of Greece (1879) Charlotte Yonge, 427+p. [mcg = (28)] (Illustrated) (D. Lothrop & Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of Netherlands (Holland/Belgium), (1878) Alex. Young, 672pp. (Illustr.) (D. Lothrop & Co.) computer-enhanced, book-sized edition won’t be ready for a few years [mcg=(40)]; however, 8.5x22 (2x2 xerox), plastic comb-bound is available for [mcg = (25)] rare book and excellent history.



—Young Folks’ History of Russia: Earliest Times to 1880, (1878) Gossip, 254pp. [mcg = (18)] (John W. Lovell & Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of Russia (1895) Nathan Haskell Dole, 552pp. [mcg = (32)] (Illustrated) (Werner & Co.) CB-SBS



—Young Folks’ History of Switzerland (1895), Harriet Mackenzie, 605pp. [mcg = (36)] (Illustrated) (Werner & Co.) CB-SBS



[Edward A. Freeman’s Historical Course for Schools Series:]


—(Young People’s) History of England (1873) Edith Thompson, 252+p. [mcg = (18)] (Illustrated) CB-SBS



—(Young People’s) History of France (1874) Charlotte Yonge, 190+p. [mcg = (15)] (Illustrated) CB-SBS



—(Young People’s) History of Germany (1874), James Sime, 282+p. [mcg = (20)] (Illustrated) CB-SBS



Young People’s History of Ireland (1890), Towle, 314pp., plastic comb bound [mcg = (24)]



—(Young People’s) History of Italy (1874) William Hunt, 273+p. [mcg = (20)] (Illustrated) CB-SBS



—(Young People’s) History of Scotland (1874) Margaret MacArthur, 199+p. [mcg = (15)] (Illustrated) CB-SBS



Rare Reprints by: Lumen (Major Jonathan Samuels): Samuels was an incredible scholar and Israel believer. He used a pen name and people did not know who he was but praised his works. Bullinger used Lumen’s works for the dates Bullinger gives in the notes and appendices in the Companion Bible for Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. * = still being prepared.

* The Fullness of the Time: The Key To Bible Dates (1908), 502pp. book sized, comb-bound, computer enhanced, very rare book [mcg = (50)]

* Far Hence Unto the Gentiles: St. Paul in a New Light (1915), 348pp. book sized, comb-bound, computer enhanced, very rare book [mcg = (35)]

* Master of the Magicians: The Story of Daniel Re-told (1906), 460pp. book sized, comb-bound, computer enhanced, very rare book [mcg = (45)]

Some Collected Shorter Works of "Lumen" - Major Jonathan Samuels, V.D., R.G.A.; Containing Photos of Major Samuels, as well as the following writings: The Date of Malachi, Assyriology and Its Bearing on the Biblical Narrative, Scholars At Variance, and Chronological Coincidences, published between the dates 1911-1916 in numerous different publications; 64pp., Combined and reprinted by Sacred Truth Ministries 2006 [mcg = (5)] very rare

The True Story of the Babylonian Captivity: A Challenge to Commentators (1904), 171pp.; [mcg = (18)] very rare [the works of Lumen, Maj J. Samuels, were so respected (people of his day did not realize he was an Israel believer) E.W. Bullinger used Lumen’s works for many of his notes in the Companion Bible for Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.] computer enhanced, plastic comb bound.

Rare Reprints: Books by Joan Hofmeyr: (S. Africa); 1 title was 8.5x11; the others were off-size w/ small print, I enlarged all to 8.5x11 & comb-bound all in 1 vol.: Land In The Shadows, 9pp., The Book of Hebrews and Its Promises, 29pp., O Captive Daughter of Zion, 39pp., Raising An Ensign, 57pp., and South Africa: The Mount Zion He Loved?, c.150pp. [mcg = (20)]



Rare Reprint List

AIP = book comes from the Anglo-Israel Perspective.

CB-SBS = (plastic) comb binding, standard book size.

CB-8.5x11 = comb bound xerox format, 2 original pages per 8.5x11 page.

CEE = computer enhanced edition (improved quality, nearly perfect)

pb. = paperback book

Hb. = Hardback book



NOTE: If you want your package insured, inclose additional funds to cover the insurance. Rarely is anything lost, stolen, or destroyed; so you may only wish to insure a package when placing a large order.

- UPS available: (e-mail or write with SASE with exact order for price quote)

P&H U.S.: unless other method is requested and sufficient funds are enclosed we mail Library Rate via the Post Office.

- Within USA: P&H: Standard Method Library Rate: Orders under $100 10% (4.00 minimum) Orders $100 and over 8% (7.00 minimum) Flat-Rate Priority Envelope (non-padded) = 5.00 (9.5 x 12.5", 2-3 days) Flat-Rate Priority Box = 10.00 (13.625 x 11.875 x 3.375" or 11 x 8.5 x 5.5", 2-3 days) Flat-Rate Large Priority Box = 12.95 (12 x 12 x 5.5", 2-3 days)

Outside U.S.: P&H: Priority Mail International estimated delivery time is 6-10 days (nonpadded flat mailer; cannot exceed 4 lbs.; about 1100 page max. of regular size paperback books or about 200pp. 8.5x11 material—but no room for any packing material; may be some room for padding if only 600pp. of regular sized books are ordered. Books may get a little dinged up in these.) M-Bag 4-6 weeks (several boxes can be put in the Mail-Bag (to same address only).

Canada: Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (9.5 x 12.5, 4 lb. limit) = 10.50. Priority Flat-Rate Box (20 lb. limit) = 24.50. Priority Large Flat-Rate Box (12x12x5.5; 20 lb. limit) 30.50. M-Bag (66 lb. limit) = 2.15/lb. (27.50 min.).

U.K./Great Britain/Northern Ireland: Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (9.5 x 12.5, 4 lb. limit) = 12.50. Priority Flat-Rate Box (20 lb. limit) = 39.50. Priority Large Flat-Rate Box (12x12x5.5, 20 lb. limit) 50.50. M-Bag (44 lb. limit) = 3.00/lb. (36.50 min.).

Europe: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden: Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (9.5 x 12.5, 4 lb. limit) = 12.50. Priority Flat-Rate Box (20 lb. limit) = 39.50. Priority Large Flat-Rate Box (12x12x5.5; 20 lb. limit) 50.50. M-Bag (66 lb. limit) = 3.00/lb. (36.50 min.).

Australia & New Zealand: Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (9.5 x 12.5, 4 lb. limit) = 12.50. Priority Flat-Rate Box (20 lb. limit) = 39.50. Priority Large Flat-Rate Box (12x12x5.5; 20 lb. limit) 50.50. Bag (66 lb. limit) = 4.60/lb. (54.00 min.).

South Africa: Priority Flat-Rate Envelope (9.5 x 12.5, 4 lb. limit) = 12.50. Priority Flat-Rate Box (20 lb. limit) = 39.50. Priority Large Flat-Rate Box (12x12x5.5; 20lb. limit) = 50.50. Bag (66 lb. limit) = 4.00/lb. (46.50 min.).

CANADIAN/EUROPEAN/SOUTH AFRICAN FRIENDS: You assume all risk ordering books your gov’t bans.

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