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This letter, signed by the Kaiser with the verse of 1John 3:16 “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” Is just more proof how much they understood God went with them. On the front of all their belt buckles it said “Gott Mit Uns” God Goes With Us.



The last Kaiser, though he was only part of the 2nd Reich and not the only true FIRST REICH, remained still very convinced in his divine right to rule,


At a regular speech in Berlin, to the troops on the 4th of August 1914 he said:
"Remember the German people are chosen by God. On me as the German Emperor, the spirit of God has descended. I am his weapon, his sword, his vice regent. Woe to the disobedient and death to cowards and unbelievers."


The Reich will rise again, this time let us pray we elect the Emperor of the only True Reich, the First One instituted by Charlemagne which was unlawfully suspended by Napoleon.


As in the book “Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance”:

“According to Turner, in “The History of the Anglo-Saxons”, the Saxons were proud of their descent. They were anxious to preserve and perpetuate themselves and were thus averse to marriages with other nations. Starting around the 8th century, the Saxons were governed by 12 Ethelings (nobles) of equal rank. During wartime, one of the 12 was chosen king. When the war was over, the war-king then returned to equal rank (Bk. 2, pp. 143, 145, 146).”


For over 500 years the “Kings of Germany” were crowned at Aachen Cathedral as being destined to rule the “Holy Roman Empire”. A large article is available on the territory and leadership of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation:



Germans led and policed most of Europe for much of the last 1,500 years, just as the Bible prophesied their tribe would do for preserving & advancing good in the earth. We know their tribe to be the tribe of Judah exactly as laid out in the Bible. The true tribe of Judah. Most of the neighboring countries were accustomed to the sometimes occupational leadership of the Germans and in many ways adored and encouraged it.


As you can see, the second Reich of “Prussia” cannot even be compared to that of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, during the First Reich. While in actuality the last “Kaiser” was hardly a Kaiser at all in comparison I still wanted to share his most German Christian words in this email.


The First Reich started with Charlemagne, shown as above stretched from 800AD until Napoleon’s conquering of Germany and illegal suspension of the first Reich. Charlemagne was never was completely subject to the Pope and neither were his predecessors. Several Emperors were Protestants, and this continued on unto Napoleon’s so-called “democratic” overthrow.


Sadly Germans today are still forced under this oppressive Napoleonic system of a so-called modern democratic system. While it is only those of the 1% minority who attack Germany that are given a voice. The rest living in oppression. It is sad that still today’s German government hasn’t been corrected to come back to their true Holy Roman Empire Government, and claim give credit to Napoleon’s “Confederation of Rhine” for the current system.


I bring a delightful answer of good tidings, and that is the possible legal election of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. I ask all readers to inquire to the Imperial College of Princes and Counts if they have 12 Ethelings (nobles) of equal rank, that have nominated another King. It is not a hereditary position, though blood is helpful, but it is most importantly that of election. Inquire at



May God Free Us All Again. May God Resurrect The Christian Leadership of Germany Once Again. The People Of Light Will Prevail! Praise God! PRAISE JESUS! PRAISE JESUS! HAIL VICTORY!




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