Join our growing church as Apostolic Successors of the ancient Orthodox Culdee Church. Grow one of the Christ’s Assemblies at your local areas.


We do not charge fees of any sort for ordinations. We’re now offering fast-track Ordination transfers (or incardination) as many denominations are undergoing splits. Just email your resume to minister@christsassembly.com.

His church is witnessing “the abominations that make desolate”. Our King told us when we see this to “flee for the mountains”. Or flee entaglements of babylon! Many have said their state status legitimizes their church. However that would be in violation of the First commandment “have no other rulers before Me”. We must return back to God’s governance of the Church as it has always been. We are a spiritual body that is not of this world. Many splits have occurred within denominations that cooperate with “redefining of the family” and the restrictions of our freedom to speak against any evil.  501(c)3 “non-profits” aren’t true churches. Those are limited as to what they can comment on. Any time the church says something about politics they can lose their tax exempt status. It’s better just to pay full taxes and not ask for exemptions of Babylon. It will just forfeit God’s sovereignty. We’re witnessing some of the worst forms of Biblical abominations known, being now openly promoted by the heads of various denominations.

Priestly Ordinations are matters of great magnitude. One who Ministers the Holy Word of God does exercise the highest office in this world.  Men to be selected for the applicant process are of good ethical and moral character. Such a one that is eligible will be known to strongly profess their belief in the scriptures as the word of God, and the infallible rule, (2Tim 3:16, Eph 2:20), of faith and practice; to receive our confession of faith as the system of doctrine taught in the sacred scriptures; to approve the form of church government, and promise subjection to his brethren,  zealous and faithful in maintaining the truths of the gospel, and the peace and purity of the church amidst any and all opposition and persecution, and to say whether “he has been induced, as far as he knows his own heart, to see the office of the holy ministry from love to God, & a sincere desire to promote His glory in the gospel of His Son,” (1Cor 2:2, 2 Cor 4:5) he may step forward to apply. After the adoption and utilization of our church instruments, and that he has followed approved and required courses of study, and that a Bishop has first granted him a probationary license to preach the gospel, so that after a competent trial of his talents, and receiving good report, he may in due time be ordained to the Pastoral office. (2Tim 3:7,9 & 3 John 12). The scripture does require that there be some trial of those who are to be ordained to the ministry of the gospel, that this sacred office may not be degraded, by being committed to weak or unworthy men, (1 Tim 3:6, and 2 Tim 2:2).

Send your CV (resume) to Minister@ChristsAssembly.com to get the process started.

You will be required to meet at the annual assemblies (at least for your region). However, it’s a normal practice to save up the Biblical “second tithe” that you spend for your journey to the Pilgrimage Festivals annually. At these high holy days you can get  consecrated by the Bishops.



Religious orders of the Christ’s Assembly Worldwide consist of Deacons, Priests (or community Chaplains), Bishops, Archbishops, Evangelistic Prelates, and a Presiding Archbishop, over various Regional, State, County, and City jurisdictions of Jesus the Christ’s Assemblies Worldwide.

We pass down to our members the valid lines of Apostolic Succession from Orthodox Culdee Bishops (also within the American Orthodox Catholic Church – Western Rite Metropolia).

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