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NEW VIDEO: Paul Taught Dietary Laws and Levitical Blood Laws

Teaching series “How Paul Taught We MUST Keep The Law.”

Lesson one
“Foundation For the Gentiles”

How Paul taught Gentiles MUST keep the law. This study goes specifically into the topic of the dietary laws and blood laws. Things strangled and blood. An excellent study on clean and unclean. What God wants for us all, and what Paul taught.

Going into the word “Pniktos” , finding the true biblical definition, etc.


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Non-believers shouldn’t read this website. Otherwise only coincidentally some irrelevant headknowlege may be gained from reading it. For the most part it would be totally misunderstood of all points and intentions. All points and intentions are strictly Spiritual. With the Spiritual warfare going on you’ll need your Spiritual eyes and ears activated in order to process the word of God (also preserved in the King James Version). Especially the EARS as “Faith comes by HEARING THE SPOKEN WORD” (Romans 10:17). You’ll need to put on your Spiritual armor and wield your Spiritual weaponry against the devils that attack those who have the testimony of Jesus (YAHWEH Yasha) and His Commandments. Yes the Eternal God YAHWEH and all of His unchanging word that is to be honored. Our articles at the Christ’s Assembly and Watchman News are intended for fully converted Christians. It’s for those who have said the sinners prayer (turned and repented from all sin) and have recieved their born again Spirit that was purchsed for them by the blood of the Lamb. Everything is Spiritual that we deal with. So our intentions are only to be properly understood after you have been Spiritually “Born Again” (unless God is somehow really calling you to these truths and to the saving knowlege of Jesus and His laws which all creation agrees is good). We advise before reading any further you go to our “new believers” section if you’re not a believer.

Please call 714-983-6968 schedule an appointment to pray together with a minister if you’re a new believer.

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A priestly commission for Culdees for the Celtic Rite of Incense. THIS WRITING IS ALSO A SUPLEMENT TO THE REGIONAL CULDEE CHOIR RINGS

 Mal 1:11 “For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto My name, and a pure offering: for My name shall be great among the heathen, saith YAHWEH of hosts.”

For His Royal Priesthood to obey His commandment to burn incense at morning and evening while praising His name. This is commissioned by YAHWEH, as demonstrated in the Scriptures to be best done at strategic “high places” and at strategic times. Historical evidence demonstrates that the New Testament church continued this practice worldwide.



For our choirs to be informed and have the information ready on hand. We aim to grow choirs locally in addition to our global choir ring. Our making a joyful noise resounding in perfect love will forcefully cast out all evil spirits of fear. Equipping saints to form the choirs of twelve as the Celtic church has done throughout the ages in spiritual warfare. For regulating systemizing a choir in Scriptural choruses, petitions and prayers of His covenantal word for the covenant people of God to have His governance operating more in the earth, as it is in heaven. Once at least four choir members are gathered they are encouraged to sing at ancient high places, as David did.

This is part of the coming Kingdom age of YAHWEH, where there will be Davidic worship totally restored within that church that is to be without spot or wrinkle. (note: This isn’t burning the actual type of incense that the Aaronic priests burned, but it is at least using frankincense that was used in the surrounding national covenantal worship of our God.)



 1. Scriptural background on “Hour of Incense”

2. Three places and three heavens

3. Miracles during the “Hour of Incense”

4. Positive verses on burning incense at high places

5. High places that are below sea level, and where churches are built, etc.

6. Being a Morning Star in Yahshua

7. Global Choir Ring (Culdee Choir)

8. First Century Founders of our Celtic(Hebrew Choir)


Scriptural background on “Hour of Incense”

 Luke 1:10 “And the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense.”

Numerous scriptures say it was a good thing they burned incense at the high places before they had a temple, and even to light the incense everywhere at (the hour of incense) dawn, to make special praises to His name at this time. That aspect is outlined more in the following sections.

David and those who were like Him, would light incense at all the ancient high places (2 Chronicles 26:18). However, this section is more on the uniform national practice of incense at the tabernacle. There was a special type of incense offered at the Tabernacle by Levites descended of the house of Aaron. They were the only ones who could enter the tabernacle without being slain by YAHWEH or another Levite. They were chosen to light a special type of incense within the Holy Place “at morning and evening”. They would cast lots on who would get their turn to burn it (see Luke 1:9).


Morning is accepted to be when you can still see three stars, including the “bright morning star”, Venus(or North Star). Also evening is accepted to be the time when you can see the first three stars, as the sun is setting. At that time the “daystar, or evening star” (Venus or the North star) is visible.

The whole camp of Levites would pray before and after these periods in what is know as “the hour of prayer”, which were great services before the “morning and evening sacrifices” where all Israelites would confess their sins over the animals to be sacrificed in their place. They would blow special silver trumpets there with the whole nation gathered together in prayer at morning(dawn) and at evening. Some Scriptures call this time “the rising of the sun”, others call it “the morning”.

Yahshua is now the “High Priest” who is in the Holy of Holies, and has torn the veil that was between the “Holy Place” and the “Holy of Holies” for His priests to have access twenty four hours a day.  The Morning and Evening incense was not burned inside the Holy of Holies, but on the other side of the veil, only by Aaronic descended Levites in the Holy Place.

This does not mean the other realms aren’t still fiercely guarded. There is still war in the heavens.



The three places “Outter Court, Inner Court, and Holy of Holies” still exist, as YAHWEH commanded Moses build them as a “pattern of things in the heavens” preceded the building of it, and was only to teach us to align in the Spirit. Our bodies are now the tabernacles of the Holy Spirit, and when we sanctify all three parts of our being , Spirit, and Soul and Body (1Thes 5:23 “sanctify your spirit, AND your soul, AND your body” three in one.) then we are operating in the image of God how He made us to be operating in harmony, as YAHWEH operates in harmony in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But this is a major subject, so much it says we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds in the knowledge of the image of God (Col 3:10), and that the warfare is against every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (2 Cor 10:5).

Paul talks about consciously leaving his body and going to the third heaven, even up into paradise. Normally our body restricts us to only seeing things “through a glass darkly” in the realms of the physical, but one day we will see “face to face”, “unveiled”, seeing with our true eyes of the spirit.


We who still have physical bodies will indeed be attacked by the beings and entities not only in the physical realm, but also in the realm of the mind, the 2nd heaven. When the veil was broken by Christ between the 2nd and 3rd heavens that doesn’t automatically mean there are no more 1st heaven, and neither does it mean that all the heavens were rolled together like a scroll YET! (Read Isaiah 3:4). The veil which just because it was torn, doesn’t mean our body nor our mind will always be on the other side of it! On the contrary, most people’s minds are many levels below it, not just one or two levels. Some are even deceived into other lower heavens as outline in the book of Enoch. Only 1/3 of our being known as our Spirit is on the other side of the veil permanently in the Holy of Holies in Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places. The body and the mind are very much outside the Holy of Holies, but the mind has the ability to go into the Spirit. If the mind is walking in the Spirit it is possible also the body can be lifted into lower realms within the 2nd heaven. Yes the book of Elijah talks about 7 heavens within the 2nd heaven, as well as 7 heavens within the 3rd heaven (realm of the Holy of Holies). Satanic / Demonic realms are in the 2nd heaven. Only those of us bought by the blood of the Lamb can bring our minds into obedience with the eternal law/word of YAHWEH and ascend into these Holy places. Those who are redeemed by the blood can enter, and at those moments our full attidue is loving His law, rather than “falling short” in sin transgressions. His law will first be written on our heart, so it is our passion and desire. The law is our basis, not an accident that might happen on a path where we choose to remain in sin.(Roman 7 “His law is Spiritual, but we are carnal sold under sin.”) For those of us born from above, our spirit is always in the Holies of Holies. We can become separated from our spirit  when we become less led by the Spirit. The Scripture even talks about the Holy Spirit will lift off of us, as David prayed “cast me not away from Thy presence YAHWEH, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me”, and Paul prayed that he also become severed or  “cast away” from the Holy Spirit. Yahshua said the Spirit is “upon Him”. Now the Holy Spirit can not only come “upon” us and lives, but also live in our bodies. However, that doesn’t always He will remain there! It’s a daily choice and must be cultivated each morning. We must walk in the Spirit, and “put on the Spirit , the new man”, like a garment, which is talking now about our own Spirit body in Him. It says we put on garments of righteousness (law keeping) that we do not be found naked in sins/unrighteousness and bring a shame. Only with using our own spirit can we open up the wings to ascend, but this also takes the wings of our 2nd heaven body, our soul-mind to think Biblically, and “let the mind of Christ be in you.”

It is a daily struggle we’re told where your mind of the flesh wars against your mind of the spirit. Not only inside of ourselves and our own flesh, but it says we also wrestle against other spiritual powers, principalities and the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. We must put it in correct order, just as Christ said “I only do what my Father has given me to do” we must say nothing, and believe nothing in our attitudes (2nd heaven) unless it is from our spirit. Then in our 1st heaven bodies we will have dominion on earth as His will is being done through righteous living. The Holy Spirit then helps our bodies in this realm, just as Jesus said He would send the Comforter, the Helper, in this physical realm. Just as Jesus said the Holy Spirit will not do anything accept praising the Son, so our bodies must do nothing but what is in righteous order from Biblical attitudes from the Spirit, that are in our soul, with right thinking. We become part of the image of YAHWEH God, as He prayed and we are to pray foremost to be one as He is one with Him. All three to be active in the now, the great I AM. The I AM being is the present tense operation of moving above or below, it’s a choice in the attitude toward His wonderful ancient laws which will not pass away even after the new heavens and new earth. He Who was, Who is, and Is to come, must have the present tense operational choice to ascend in His Scriptural laws for us in the now.

In the now we have a spiritual warfare first and foremost. The weapons of our warfare “cast down every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God”. To do this we must look how our forefathers did it successfully. This is what this writing is all about. Monestaries of twelve singing monks were setup all over the lands of the ancient Celtic church. Interceding and using our spiritual weaponry will cast down such evil spirits that are not physical. We be vigilant as He told us to “watch ye therefore, and pray always that we may be counted worthy to escape the things that shall come to pass…” (Luke 21:36).

Miracles During Hour of Incense

 Miracles regularly occurred immediately before and after the two periods of the day known as the “hour of incense” or “time of incense” in Luke 1:9. This was also called “the hour of prayer”. Anyone who could not come to the temple had their own local services, which included “offering incense in every place” (Mal 1:11).

In Acts 3:1 we are told the story of the healing of the lame man at the Temple through the hands of St. Peter and St. John. It says they were on their way “to the Temple at the Hour of Prayer”.

In Acts 10:3 and 10:9 the New Testament Peter and Cornelius the Gentile made preparations to pray during “the hour of prayer” within their houses, and specifically Peter upon the rooftop. It says during these specific times they made special prayers were visited by Angels and had supernatural visions.

We are the ones “redeemed by the blood” in Revelation 5:8-9 who have vials full of “odours” which is the word for incense. (Strong’s # 2368)

And when he had taken the book, the four beasts (people who are full of life, Zoe in Greek , Chai in Hebrew) and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints. And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.”


Positive verses on burning incense at high places


IMPORTANT: Underlined in italics are words that are absent from the original.

 When Saul was anointed King over Israel , these very important “high places” are mentioned five times in a positive way from 1Samuel Chapter 9, verses 12-25.

Please read 1 Samuel 9:12-25.

Here five times we read “high places” are associated as an important part of the anointing. A place for crowning Kings, a place for His elect to assemble.

Most of the time in scripture “high places” are good and life strengthening places.

Deu 32:13

“He made him ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increase of the fields; and he made him to suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock;”

Deu 33:29

Happy [art] thou, O Israel: who [is] like unto thee, O people saved by YAHWEH, the shield of thy help, and who [is] the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places. (note the underlined is not in the original)

1Sa 10:5                      “After that thou shalt come to the hill of God, where [is] the garrison of the Philistines: and it shall come to pass, when thou art come thither to the city, that thou shalt meet a company of prophets coming down from the high place with a psaltery, and a tabret, and a pipe, and a harp, before them; and they shall prophesy:”

1Sa 10:13                    “And when he had made an end of prophesying, he came to the high place.”

2Sa 22:34                    “He maketh my feet like hinds’ [feet]: and setteth me upon my high places.”

1Ki 3:2             “Only the people sacrificed in high places, because there was no house built unto the name of YAHWEH, until those days.” (note the underlined is not in the original, it says THE NATION sacrificed in the high places in a POSITIVE TENSE)

1Ki 3:3             “And Solomon loved YAHWEH, walking in the statutes of David his father: only he sacrificed and burnt incense in high places.” (note the underlined is not in the original, it says he WALKED IN THE STATUTES David burning incense in the high places.)

1Ki 3:4              “And the king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there; for that [was] the great high place: a thousand burnt offerings did Solomon offer upon that altar.”

(This was at the important place where Solomon came and asked for the understanding and wisdom. Read the rest of the chapter for that important context with the great high place.)


High places that are below sea level, and where churches are built, etc.

Strong’s # 1116 is always referring to the spiritual high places. This doesn’t necessarily mean at a physical high place. The spiritual high places can also be below sea level.

 This is demonstrated in the book of Job chapter 9 verse 8

Job 9:8                         “…treadeth upon the waves of the sea.”

This says YAHWEH treads upon the “high places” #1116, mistranslated as “waves” of the sea.

Again it’s good to look at verses with Wigrams’ Englishman’s in print, or online via to see all the words in the original and their definitions. However, for this case we’re only quoting this part of the verse. In the beginning of this verse KJV added the words “which alone” before the words “treadeth upon the waves of the sea”. This again was added, as we know from a plethora of scriptures covered in the previous section that not only YAHWEH treads upon the high places. It is plain and unmistakable when you do a simple check with Englishman’s, Strong’s or BlueletterBible.

So we see, while many times “high places” are at higher elevation, elevation is not the rule governing it. This shows that even at sea, or below sea level there can contain these high places. Many are buried deep below. With our advanced maps, it has been discovered one such high place at sea is directly West from Iona Scotland. Many are off the coasts of Cornwall.

In ancient times they built the churches only on leyline hubs or high places of scalar electricity (also known historically as dragon lines). Many books and maps have been written showing how churches and even city headquarters or roads themselves were built in geographic rows on these leylines. One such maps of these Crystalline gravity grids span not only countries, but also are cross continental. These maps are readily available, and are recommended to be consulted when choosing a pray place to occupy. As it says David’s feet were made like hind’s feet as He did move from “high place to high place” and we who delight in His Sabbath will be caused to ride upon such high places.


Being a Morning Star in Yahshua

 Psa 113:3         “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same YAHWEH’s name is to be praised.”

Mal 1:11            “For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith YAHWEH of hosts.”

Isa 41:25           “I have raised up one from the north, and he shall come: from the rising of the sun shall he call upon my name: and he shall come upon princes as upon morter, and as the potter treadeth clay.”

Isa 59:19           “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of YAHWEH shall lift up a standard against him.”

 Day star, morning star, son of the morning are all referring to the same title of being a “judge” which can be claimed by who ever steps into the office at any given time.

 The morning star is Yahshua, and we can also be morning stars.

 2Pe 1:19 “         We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:”

 Rev 2:25-28       “But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star.”‏

‎Job 38:7           “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?‏”

Who is the morning Star and the Bright Morning star? See Rev 22:16: Jesus(Yahshua) is called THE “bright morning star”: Bright morning star (lampros-1) shining a) brilliant proinos- pertaining to the morning. Gr.aster-a star.‏)

Malachi 4:2:      “But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise” This concept of “dawn” is applied to the Messiah.‏

Remember it says any time the great warriors conquered a greater enemy, that they first “rose up early in the morning” no doubt praising the name of YAHWEH like the first verses saying David would do, speaking His name etc.‏

You will dash nations like a potter’s vessel and fall upon kings like morter etc, when raising early to praise YAHWEH‏. As Yahshua said, where the body is the eagles will be gathered. (Luke 17:37) and we shall be as a thief in the night, though all these events happen in the day (two plowing, one taken etc).

1Th 5:2-4 2        “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.”

1Th 5:5-9 5        “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. 6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 7 For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. 8 But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. 9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,”

Ya the Chinese think they got something cool always up for sunrise practicing their “chi kung” which they think will make them invincible, but they don’t have THE NAME‏. They say practice that for 20 years and you will get the chi power‏, but we can get it in one shot‏ about a trillion times more than they have. Most will not be ready for when it hits them.

As our King of Kings had promised not only to share His many crowns but to share His throne with those of us who do not reject knowledge, and do indeed love and delight in His law He gave to Moses.


Global Choir Ring (Culdee Choir)

 Eph 5:19           “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to YAHWEH;”

LOVE and sharing love is not only commanded, it is something we do with all our heart, soul, mind and strength to YAHWEH above all! It says nothing about loving others without first loving yourself. If you do not really learn to love yourself, you cannot REALLY love your neighbor. We have to build up OUR SPIRIT with more singing and praising our King, what He has made us for! Pure love, pure patience, self control, etc!

Please contact if you can fit in an hour of your time singing per day (60% certain or tentatively). You can give a range of hours where you think one hour you can fit in. For many this can even be at work (and sing under your breath), please be somewhat conservative in your estimation. If unsure then please just send us the regional time of sunrise and sunset that you can at least offer some extra praise than you do for the rest of the day.

We can also forward you songs that are 90% scripture or more, very edifying. Like a global monestary we want to fit a real CHOIR of Culdees. Yes if you’re a friend of YAHWEH you’re a Culdee(you love His ten commandments etc etc). The Abbots should be Celtic nobility to claim such titles, as they all had in their pedigrees back to ancient Israel, ie Welsh and Irish. Overall we’re not worried about fancy titles, but you will be considered a Cleric Monk of the Culdee (like I am) to get on the list for the choir calendar.

Lets say daily around 11am it’s always perfect for you to sneak in a few hymns.. then send us that! and we will unite in battle hymns straight from the word. If there are always three hours on friday then tell us that too so we can fill in a week calendar (there will normally be redundant/backup singers for each hour).

As long as 90% of your songs are a type of Scripture chorus they’re welcomed in. Song books can be provided and we welcome the exchange.

Call more gatherings, even ADVERTISE the “CULDEE CHOIR” if you are ready to form up a regional choir. Gatherings of twelve are urged at high places for such fighting against “spiritual wickedness in high places”. We want to welcome many more into our systemized Celtic Choir that follows after the style of Saint Patrick and the ancient welsh (Celtic) church rite. This choir is a Monastic style duty that goes back to the Prophet Jeremiah’s school in Ireland (where now lays his dated grave).

 Our Choir is a vital spiritual warfare for connecting with the covenants of Israel and bringing them out into experience in one accord with those singing the Scriptures in love, joy and peace. One of us can put 1,000 to flight two of us can put 10,000 to flight. There is a special covenant when two ask(or claim) anything in His name, that He will do it. He also said He is in our midst in a special way when two are gathered in His name. Our global choir claims geographic points as our bases to let the praises echo out from there to cover territories and connect with our other fellow Christian militant wherever they may be also engaged in our battles and victories in the Spirit.

It is something to do all day, but the calendar itself is something more for getting others aware and involved (not to be a distraction as it is presently under development).

Eph 5:19           “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to YAHWEH;”

It is 24/7 but some of us have to sleep.

Col 3:16            “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to YAHWEH.”

Psa 95:2          “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.”

Together in the almighty powerful name of YAHWEH Yahshua we shall prevail in casting down the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. It says we will prevail over the gates of hell.

Psa 149:4-6       “For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation. Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;…”


First Century Founders of our Celtic(Hebrew) Choir

Our choir was founded in the first century by Saint Ilid. He was one of the “men of Israel” who accompanied the British King Bran on his return from Rome. Ilid, in the “Genealogy of the Saints,” is said to have converted many of the Cymry to the Christian faith. In the “Genealogy of Iestyn ab Gwrant,” he is represented as having arrived from Rome at the request of Eurgain, the daughter of Cardoc, and as having become chief instructor of the Cymry in the Christian faith. He is said to have regulated or systemized a choir of twelve saints, which she had established near the church, afterwards called the church of Illtud, and to have subsequently retired to the Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury), where he died, and was buried.

If you are to pray in covenantal understanding with us, you will know the Judean, Aaronic and Israelite ancestry of the Celts. You’ll be singing with those who stand for theh original church built by Christ that this refers to. Standing together with the first century celtic culdee church built by Yahshua and the early apostles in Great Britain. Start your day out right united in prayer and song with your Celtic Culdee global choir ring! For more information on our ancient heritage as Culdee Hebrew Priests contact

Some suggested readings are:

“Celt Druid and Culdde”, by Isabel Elder

“The Celtic Church in Britain”, by Leslie Harding

For your edification we’re including thirty five of the more well known and confirmed founders of our Celtic choir in Britain. As is taken from official histories.

1.St. Joseph, the Apostle of Great Britain, received twelve hides of Glastonbury from King Avarigus (cousin of Caractacus). After the death of Aristobulus (Bishop of Britain)AD58, St. Joseph of Arimathea was re-consecrated by St. Philip, now with the title “Chief Priest in Britain”. St. Paul joined St. Joseph in Britain, starting in the year 60AD. First Century Welsh, Judean, Persian, Egyptian, Spanish and Roman records describe his exploits commanding the Nazarene Galilean and Essenic “blue tunic army”, or the Culdee Priesthood. His coat of arms form the St. George Cross of Great Britain. Morgan’s history said after being exiled to Gaul with Lazarus and Mary Magdelene, he was joined by forty more from Jerusalem before setting sail to Britain. Alfwold’s history (authenticated by Vatican manuscripts of the archives retrieved by Emperor Theodosius at the palace of Pilate at Jerusalem) says Joseph came with six hundred companions upon a ship built by King Solomon together with the duke of the Medes, called Nacianus, formerly baptized by Joseph in the city Saram, with the king of it, called Mordraius, who valiantly killed a king of North Wales, who held Joseph prisoner, after which he and his companions preached in the area, and were granted the twelve hides by King Avarigus. Comm. Aug 31.

2. St. Andrew the Holy Apostle is one of the most well known saints of Britain (and Scotland). His assistant was Aristobulus, the first Bishop of Britain. The Scottish Declaration of Arbroath records St. Andrew as directly converting the Scottish nation to Christianity (as was delivered to the Vatican with the seals of all the Barons during the wars of Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, Edward I, and the third overturn of the Stone of Scone, King David’s literal throne). The Eastern Orthodox claim St. Andrew has precedence because he was the first Apostle chosen by Jesus (Yahshua). Comm. Nov 30.
3. St. James the just, the brother of Jesus, Flavius Dexter, quoting the ecclesiastical Benedictine historian, Cressy, in his "Church History of Brittany," states: "In the one and fortieth year of Christ (A.D.41) St. James, returning out of Spain, visited Gaule and Britain."
     Other records confirm this date of his first visit to Britain, and some records claim he was present at the death of Mary at Avalon(Glastonbury), A.D.48. James was the first Bishop of Jerusalem, calling together the first Apostolic Church there. This is the first Council of the Appointed on record. The next Council wasn’t called together until Constantine the Great, three hundred years later.

4. St. Bran the Blessed was born in Judea, and was a high King of Britain. He was consecrated by St. Paul as Bishop of Siluria, replacing his title of ArchDruid. “the St. Ynys Prydain, or Pedigrees of the Saints of Britain” agrees with the Welsh Triads in attributing the first introduction of Christianity to Bran. (The Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Cymry; Or the Ancient British Church, J. Williams, M.A., Rector of Llanymowddwy.) He married Joseph’s daughter Anna, founding another Levitical line for Celtic priests. Comm. on numerous 3rd-5th Century Saints festivals.

5. St. Nacianus, duke of Medes was baptized by Joseph in the city of Saram, with the king of it, called Mordraius. He valiantly killed a king of North Wales, who kept Joseph a prisoner. He assisted Josph in his preaching efforts in the time of Arviragus." (Brit. Eccl. Antiq. p. 8, &c. Alford.)

6. St. Arwystli Hen (Aristobulus the old), one of the seventy elders. He is called a “man of Italy” in the Welsh Triads, as coming over together with King Bran’s company from Rome to Britain. Paul also saluted him in his epistle to the Romans.  He was sent as an apostle to the Britons and was the first bishop in Britain, and is buried at Glastonbury. Comm. Mar. 15.

7. Saint Anna of Arimathea the Prophetess, daughter of Joseph, of the Levitical/Aaronic lines of Zadok. Feastday: March 17

8.  St. Genuissa, daughter of Joseph of Arimathea, married King Arvarigus, and is ancestress of a long line of Welsh (Hebrew) Saints.

9. St. Simon Zelotes the Holy Apostle “..traversed all Mauritania, and the regions of the Africans, preaching Christ. He was at last crucified, slain, and buried in Britain (St. Dorotheus, Synod. The Seventy Apostles; “the Synopsis” ad Sim Zelot.) One Menology assigns the martyrologies of Zelotes to Persia in Asia, but others agree in stating he was martyred in Britain. Of these the principal authority is Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre during the reigns of Diocletian and Constantia (300 CE). He visited Britain and traversed to Caistor, modern-day Lincolnshire where he was martyred. Comm. Oct. 28.

10. St. Lazarus of Bethany, first bishop of Gaul, (Marseilles)
Lazarus’ life is identified at Avalon(Glastonbury) in the Celtic MSS, known as The Triads (Laws) of Lazarus.  (Capgrave, De Sancto Joseph ab Arimathea, quoting ancient manuscript and the Book of the Holy Grail, quoted in Jowett 163)  “And it was from here that Lazarus, returned to Gaul, the area of Provence, France with Mary and Martha.”  In the ancient church records of Lyon it states, ‘Lazarus returned to Gaul from Britain to Marseilles, taking with him Mary Magdalene and Martha.  He was the first appointed bishop.  He died there seven years later.’   (Jowett, George F. The Drama of the Lost Disciples, Covenant Publ., Co, 8 Blades Court, Deodar Road, London SW15 2NU, 1961, 1993, pg 164) Comm. Jul. 29

11. St. Philip the Holy Apostle, brought and sent many missionaries to and from Britain, from his base in Gaul(France), at Chartres the ancient Druidic headquarters. Having been banished together with Lazarus, James, and Joseph on boats, eventually landing at Marseilles where now lay the tombs of St. Mary, Margaret and Lazarus. He consecrated Joseph of Arimathea as Bishop of Britain, upon the death of Aristobulus. Cardinal Baronius wrote:
"We have said in our notes to the Roman Martyrology that, 'to the
Galatians' must be corrected in the place of 'to the Gauls'[Modern France]." (ie early French St. Epiphanius, A.D. 315-40. More confirmable references in “Drama of the Lost Disciples” by Jowett) Comm. May 1.

12. St. Peter the Holy Apostle, History records at least three visits of Peter to Britain. On his last visit St. Peter appeared on the very spot where once stood the old British church of Lambedr (St. Peter’s), where stands the present Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster. The legends on public display at St. Peter’s at Cornhill relate to us the historic founding of the church by King Lucius in honour of Peter’s ministry efforts at Britain. Peter was expelled from Rome by Claudius in 40AD, where he returned to his family and fellow exiles in Great Britain. Comm. June 29.

13. St. Linus was a son of Cardoc, and Grandon of Bran. Linus the Prince of the Silures opted to stay in Rome after his father’s parole ended. He was consecrated by St. Paul and St. Peter as the first Bishop of Rome. Comm. Sept. 23.

14. St. Paul the Holy Apostle. Paul intimately mentioning the British Royal family members in his letters, and numerous records exist of his residence in Siluria, and burial at Glastonbury. The great historian Venerable Bede recorded Paul’s burial. Get the extensive book “St. Paul in Britain” by R.W. Morgan. Comm. Nov. 26.
15. St. Eigra (AKA Eurgain) of Llan Ilid, was sister of Caractacus and wife of Salog, Lord of Caer Salog (Salisbury), the first female St. in Britain (Morgan, History of Great Britain). She founded the first Christian choir at Llan. From this choir (or Cor-Eugain) issued many of the most eminent teachers and missionaries of Christianity down to the tenth century, as catalogued in “Genealogies of the Saints of Britain”, listing from “Illid the Hebrew”, St. Illid, who came with Bran the Blessed from Rome at the request of Eurgain to be the chief instructor of the choir. She is ancestor of St. Helen (mother of Constantine) and feast date is June 29th.

16. St. Rufus Pudens married the British princess Claudia (Gladys). His home in Rome was called Palatium Britannica, also the previous residence of British royals, and house of worship. Father of Praxedes and Pudentiana. He was clothed with baptism by the apostles, and watched and kept is robe pure and without wrinkle to the crown of a blameless life. Comm. May 17.

17. St. Pudentiana, the virgin, of the most illustrious descent, daughter of Pudens, and disciple of the holy apostle St. Paul. Comm. May 17.

18. St. Trophimus was sent to Gaul by Joseph and, under the direction of Philip, replaced Martha at Arles. He was consecrated the first Bishop of Arles and there performed an outstanding service. He was energetic, practical and an intelligent organizer. His Christianizing endeavours embraced a large area which formed the district of Narbonne. He became the first Metropolitan of the Narbonne, with Arles as his Bishopric. For centuries it continued to be a prominent stronghold of the Chrisian faith in Gaul.

19. St. Mary Magdelene of Bethany was named among the twelve companions who arrived with Joseph at Glastonbury.  As we have seen, Trophimus joined with Martha at Arles, where she later left for Tarascon. Maximin is described as joining with Mary Magdalene at Aix where both spent out their
life. Both died a natural death. Maximin was the first Bishop of Aix, and there are found numerous memorials and relics of Maximin, and particularly of Mary Magdalene. The area is saturated with her memory. Mary's classic beauty and her rich voice, extolled in reverence and pleasure by all who knew her, endeared her so deeply to the hearts of the people among whom she laboured that she was adored as a Saint before she died. Her undying devotion to her Lord throbbed through her teachings of the Word. The most hardened soul melted to her preaching, and she converted, as we are told, 'multitudes to the faith'. The ancient documents resound with her glory. Comm. Jul. 22.

20. St. Ilid one of the “men of Israel” who accompanied Bran on his return from Rome. Ilid, in the “Genealogy of the Saints,” is said to have converted many of the Cymry to the Christian faith. In the “Genealogy of Iestyn ab Gwrant,” he is represented as having arrived from Rome at the request of Eurgain, the daughter of Cardoc, and as having become chief instructor of the Cymry in the Christian faith. He is said to have regulated or systemized a choir of twelve saints, which she had established near the church, afterwards called the church of Illtud, and to have subsequently retired to the Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury), where he died, and was buried.

21. St. Cyndav was named in the welsh triads of the saints chronicle him as a “man of Israel” who accompanied King Bran, Mawan, Ilid, and others who returned from Rome as a missionaries to Britain.

22. St. Mawan, son of Cyndav, is chronicled as a “man of Israel” who accompanied King Bran, Cyndav, Ilid, Hid, and others who returned from Rome as a missionaries to Britain.

23. St. Mansuetus, a Caledonian Briton ; disciple of St. Peter at Rome,
and afterwards bishop of Toul in Lorrain. Comm. Sept. 3. Died
A. D. 89.

24. St. Pontius Pilate was a British educated Roman ruler of Judea. Shortly after the crucifixion became a Confessor, St. and martyr of the church he helped found in England. In the Acts of Pilate or Gospel of Nicodemus are his letters and interactions with the British Royal family, and Joseph of Arimathea. His long association with Joseph of Arimathea stretched back to when Joseph was in the Roman army for seven years, of which he achieved the rank of “de curio”. His comm. June 15.

25. St. Claudia, a daughter of Caractacus, and the wife of Pudens. Comm. Aug. 7. Died at Sabinum, a city of Umbria in Italy A. D. 110.

26. St. Phagan ; successor to Joseph in his Prefecture at Glastonbury.

27. St. Sidonis, together with Saturnius, and Cleon taught and supported other missionaries in Gaul, then returned to Britain.

28. St. Parmena, a disciple of Joseph, was appointed first Bishop of Avignon.

29. St. Drennalus, helped Joseph found the church at Morlaix. He was then appointed to Treguier as its first Bishop.

30. St. Beatus was born of noble parents in Britain and at the school of Avalon was converted and baptized. He became a missionary to the Helvi in the mountain of modern Switzerland and became the founder of the Helvetian church. His death occurred in the cell, still shown at Underseven, on the Lake of Thun, in AD 96. (Theatre. Magn. Britan., lib. vi. p. 9).

31. St. Mansuetos was born in Hibernia and in his youth was sent to the schools of Britain.  There he was converted and baptized in Avalon and was later sent from Rome with Clement (Clementus Romanus) to preach the Gospel in Gaul. “He founded the Lotharingian Church, fixing his mission at Toul, where after extending his labors to Illyria. He was eventually martyred in 110 CE.” ( Pantaleon, De Viris Illus. Germaniae, pars. I; Guliel. Eisengren, cent. 2, p. 5; Petrus Mersaeus, De Sanctis German.; Franciscus Gulliman, Helvetiorum Historia, lib. i. c. 15; Petrus de Natalibus, Episcop. Regal. Tallensis.)

32. St. Marcellus, a noble Briton, was also converted at Avalon and later sent as a missionary to the region of Tongres.  He was the founder of the early Christian Church in Gaul and appointed its bishop at Treves.  This church and diocese for many centuries was the chief church and authority in the early Gallic church.

33. St. Cyllin Caradog ab Bran Fendigaid, lived at the close of the first century and is accredited as the first to normalize naming of infants in wales, where before the practice was to name after maturity and faculties developed.

34. St. Beatus, who was converted in Britain, received his education at Avalon (Glastonbury) afterwards a disciple of St. Peter at Rome. Was baptized by St. Barnabas, the brother of Aristobulus, sent in advance by St. Paul to Britain. He is refered to in Scripture as Joses, the Levite. His first name was Suetonius. He became the apostle of the Helvetians. Comm. May 9. Died A. D. 110, at Underseven in Helvetia.

35. St. Dyfan, comm. April 8th.


The vast histories of saints in England that predated Augustine’s arrival are documented in more of a long form from a plethora of historical authorities. Each of these in short form have been totally accepted in all mainstream circles of Christianity.

This list is taken from official martyrologies of all churches combined into one. Also from incontrovertible histories recorded in the ancient Welsh Triads and confirmed in the Celtic bards. That is in addition to the many Roman, Eastern Orthodox, and Celtic rite calendars and histories that are carefully recorded and accepted worldwide in numerous mainstream circles as quoted from the highest credible historians.

Many of these British based Saints are honoured worldwide for their work in Britian before Augustine. To prove this, more than 500 foreign churches on the Continent were already dedicated these British Church leaders before before Augustine ever visited England. Today’s Greek and Eastern Orthodox observances have far more first and second century British in their Calendars than Rome, yet the Welsh, British and Irish calendars have kept Rome on track to honour a good portion of these still up until today.

The early church councils had on numerous occasions inferred that Britain had supremacy over other churches, who only considered the Pope of Rome as an equal Bishop. All Papal bulls made with England (in example for Glastonbury, only reaffirmed the earlier texts originating from Glastonbury, without adding anything). This list does not include the hundred or so Irish saints which also predate Augustine, (as in the Martyrologies of Ignus the Culdee). We’re also not (yet) including a great number of the Welsh saints from 1-6th centuries.

This short version of Celtic Saints is compiled by the Reverend Stephen Michael, a Hebrew Culdee, written for the edification of other Clerics of the Culdee at Glastonbury and abroad for the honour of our one true original church that has pre-eminence over all other pretended authorities.

It is with much regret that under limited resource, about 200 other pre-7th Century Celtic saints have not been catalogued in this first version. However we have a “long version” project underway which will include these for an explanded 500 Celtic Saints before Augustine! That will include not only the Irish catalogs, and the Welsh, but also from the earlier Celtic onclaves of Gaul. The purchases and negotiations for such manuscripts, as well as able translators are currently in process of being acquired.

A communion or missionary bond is welcomed for a joint projects between the various branches of the Celtic Culdee, whether Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, Gaulic, or scattered among the nations under other names as it was prophetically foretold of our Hebrew priesthood that was setup by Jeremiah (in cira 500BC) at Ireland.



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The fearful, cowards and liars should not read this, as it says every one of you will be cast into the lake of fire.

For those with the Saints in the light then you love this sound of Jubilee and you will love trusting and having faith in the awesome word of YAHWEH that is always the wonderful good news!

A big part of the captivity under Esau is deception, but a key part of their bonds is “uncleanness”. This is all firmly rooted in their root of all evil “the money system”, and the greatest asset of that system being their wholly owned pharmakia witchcraft, insurance, political and legal system.

The Pharmakia witchcraft asset of Esau is a bond of uncleanness that keeps Zion mute. When we get released from captivity and we obey the command to separate from all those in the New Testament who “choose” to be unclean,

letting the unclean remain unclean and the dead bury the dead, we arrive at this passage, (before the 900 more generations where still all the laws for uncleanness is to be enforced for all Israelites):

Isaiah 52:1-2

“Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.”


 Note: Paul wasn’t against circumcision. He merely said don’t turn away the “outter flocks who were starting to learn the law of Moses”(4 precepts of the Mosaic law for Gentiles to do well, not for eternal salvation).

It tells us when we will return from exile, and escape our second captivity in Jeremiah 30, it says this will be during the time of Jacob’s trouble. That will be the time of great plagues when Anti-Biotics no longer work! We are now in that period as it has been officially announced; we’re in the post anti-biotics era! All doctors are still in denial and taking their anti-depressants, but it will all be soon coming around. The official word in all their scientific journals is it’s all over! and people will again die from this as small as a scratch on the knee! Most doctors have unsubscribed from their medical journals more than 30 years ago and leave that stuff up to someone else, and pass the buck of blame. It will all be too late for those doctors as they will not live for very many more years in the current viral climate, i.e NDM-1, super viruses (noro and coronal, etc).

However, there is coming a day that as it says in Isaiah 52:1-2 when Zion will be released from this second captivity, and it is clearly called a BONDAGE CHAIN of Esau, physical uncleanness. Read: The Forgotten WASHING Commandment FOR EVER, for the redeemed Gentiles!  Or listen to the mp3 here:

It says then NO MORE will there be allowed the uncircumcised or unclean to even approach Zion! They may be allowed to approach the outer “city gates” but they will NEVER AGAIN be allowed to approach the inner gates of Zion (Zion are those of His elect). They will all have to follow the law which says for one week they must make themselves clean, if they survive that long! Those with uncleanness (blood in the skin, infections etc ALL VIRUSES) will be kept to the outer city gates or farther away. We’ve seen enough perfectly healthy young people die over the last five years from the new super bacteria. It starts on the skin with red sores, then goes directly to the lungs, eyes, brain, heart etc (much like psoratic psoriasis, which is close to leprosy fungai).

Zion will say enough is enough! And the four precepts of Paul (the foundation of Levitical law) will be reinstated (not for salvation but so we do well, like Paul said).

“The daughter of Esau” keeps a warfare and bondage of the “daughter of Zion” until the very end, when (as it says in Lamentations 4:20-22, those sins of Esau will be exposed! As Jesus said they are guilty of all the righteous blood shed on the earth, including John the Baptist’s father who was slain while he ministered at the altar!

I believe this is one of the last most important bonds , that we no longer trust in the uncleanness of pharmakia witchcraft liars. The practices of adding more toxins and medicating the effects rather than deal with the causes is already long over, and a huge part of the population has died just from basic viruses in the last few years. YAHWEH is separating the wheat from the chaff. The tares are separating themselves, so let them! This bondage is nearly over, so praise YAHWEH and thank Him for this glorious new era that is coming as we trust solely on Him and obey!

For more information watch the following videos:

The four precepts (How Paul taught the gentiles MUST keep the law)

Hebrew Quarantine Declaration for New SARS MERS and more


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Hebrew Celtic Origins of the Christian Church

“Modern historians, in dealing with the Roman invasions, completely ignore the reason for the great Roman invasion of Britain. Never once do they mention the Edict of Claudius, or explain that it was a war of religious extermination, designed to crush Christianity at its source.”


The Drama of the Lost Disciples (1961), George Jowett.


Applying the Trivium Method of Learning to this contentious issue, it seems appropriate to start with a selection of the most credible primary, secondary. modern and contemporary sources.


What was the original form of Christianity, where and when was it established, by whom, why and how?


According to Percy E Corbet in Why Britain (1984):

“Julius Caesar following his campaign in Britain, 55 B.C., wrote with admiration of the culture of the British, their sterling character and ingenuity in commerce and craftsmanship. He referred in amazement to the number of populous cities, the architecture, universities of learning and particularly to their religion with its belief in the immortality of the soul.

The comment on religion by Julius Caesar makes one wonder on what the pre-Christian British religion was based and this question leads us to consider the Impact of Druidism In Britain.

According to Isabel Hill Elder, a writer on the Celts and early British history, Hu Gadarn Hyscion (Isaacson) son of Isaac, led a party of settlers to Britain in 1800 B.C. She states that the date was confirmed by Dr. Gerald Hawkins in his researches in connection with Stonehenge as an astronomical circle and that Sir Norman Lockyer, Edward Dallies and William Stukeley affirm that the religion of ancient Britain was patriarchal. She tells us that, when the Hebrew religion was established by the descendants of Abraham and Moses, with the tribe of Levi set apart from both civil and religious administration in the nation (Israel) small detachments there from arrived frequently in Britain bringing with them the Levitical development which they named “The Truth.” This appellation was never altered in Britain and Druid (Truth) and Druthin (The Servant of Truth) were retained along with the motto (The Truth against the World) until finally Druidism became merged with Christianity as a perfectly natural sequence. She says that this happened in the same manner in which Christianity became the natural and prophesied sequence to the Hebrew faith.”


From the Works of Julius Caesar, (parallel English/Latin) tr. W.A. McDevitte and W.S. Bohn [1869], Gallic Wars Book 5 [54BC]:

“The interior portion of Britain is inhabited by those of whom they say that it is handed down by tradition that they were born in the island itself: the maritime portion by those who had passed over from the country of the Belgae for the purpose of plunder and making war; almost all of whom are called by the names of those states from which being sprung they went thither, and having waged war, continued there and began to cultivate the lands. The number of the people is countless, and their buildings exceedingly numerous, for the most part very like those of the Gauls: the number of cattle is great. They use either brass or iron rings, determined at a certain weight, as their money. Tin is produced in the midland regions; in the maritime, iron; but the quantity of it is small: they employ brass, which is imported. There, as in Gaul, is timber of every description, except beech and fir. They do not regard it lawful to eat the hare, and the cock, and the goose; they, however, breed them for amusement and pleasure. The climate is more temperate than in Gaul, the colds being less severe.”


Gallic Wars Book 6 [53BC]:

“But of these two orders, one is that of the Druids, the other that of the knights. The former are engaged in things sacred, conduct the public and the private sacrifices, and interpret all matters of religion. To these a large number of the young men resort for the purpose of instruction, and they [the Druids] are in great honor among them. For they determine respecting almost all controversies, public and private; and if any crime has been perpetrated, if murder has been committed, if there be any dispute about an inheritance, if any about boundaries, these same persons decide it; they decree rewards and punishments; if any one, either in a private or public capacity, has not submitted to their decision, they interdict him from the sacrifices. This among them is the most heavy punishment. Those who have been thus interdicted are esteemed in the number of the impious and the criminal: all shun them, and avoid their society and conversation, lest they receive some evil from their contact; nor is justice administered to them when seeking it, nor is any dignity bestowed on them. Over all these Druids one presides, who possesses supreme authority among them. Upon his death, if any individual among the rest is pre-eminent in dignity, he succeeds; but, if there are many equal, the election is made by the suffrages of the Druids; sometimes they even contend for the presidency with arms. These assemble at a fixed period of the year in a consecrated place in the territories of the Carnutes, which is reckoned the central region of the whole of Gaul. Hither all, who have disputes, assemble from every part, and submit to their decrees and determinations. This institution is supposed to have been devised in Britain, and to have been brought over from it into Gaul; and now those who desire to gain a more accurate knowledge of that system generally proceed thither for the purpose of studying it. The Druids do not go to war, nor pay tribute together with the rest; they have an exemption from military service and a dispensation in all matters. Induced by such great advantages, many embrace this profession of their own accord, and [many] are sent to it by their parents and relations. They are said there to learn by heart a great number of verses; accordingly some remain in the course of training twenty years. Nor do they regard it lawful to commit these to writing, though in almost all other matters, in their public and private transactions, they use Greek characters. That practice they seem to me to have adopted for two reasons; because they neither desire their doctrines to be divulged among the mass of the people, nor those who learn, to devote themselves the less to the efforts of memory, relying on writing; since it generally occurs to most men, that, in their dependence on writing, they relax their diligence in learning thoroughly, and their employment of the memory. They wish to inculcate this as one of their leading tenets, that souls do not become extinct, but pass after death from one body to another, and they think that men by this tenet are in a great degree excited to valor, the fear of death being disregarded. They likewise discuss and impart to the youth many things respecting the stars and their motion, respecting the extent of the world and of our earth, respecting the nature of things, respecting the power and the majesty of the immortal gods.”


Seutonius (69 – 122 AD) stated in The Life of Claudius:

“He utterly abolished the cruel and inhuman religion of the Druids among the Gauls, which under Augustus had merely been prohibited to Roman citizens;”


Sozomen (400-450 AD) tells us in his Eccl. Hist.. lib. i. c. v.:

“It is well known that great Constantine received his Christian education in Britain.”


Writing in the sixth century in his Conquest of Britain, St. Gildas the Wise indicated that British Christianity was established in the last year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, that is 37 AD:

Ҥ8. Meanwhile these islands, stiff with cold and frost, and in a distant region of the world, remote from the visible sun, received the beams of light, that is, the holy precepts of Christ, the true Sun, showing to the whole world his splendor, not only from the temporal firmament, but from the height of heaven, which surpasses every thing temporal, at the latter part, as we know, of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, by whom his religion was propagated without impediment, and death threatened to those who interfered with its professors.

§9. These rays of light were received with lukewarm minds by the inhabitants, but they nevertheless took root among some of them in a greater or less degree, until the nine years’ persecution of the tyrant Diocletian [303-11 AD], when the churches throughout the whole world were overthrown, all the copies of the Holy Scriptures which could be found burned in the streets, and the chosen pastors of God’s flock butchered, together with their innocent sheep, in order that not a vestige, if possible, might remain in some provinces of Christ’s religion.”


The Venerable Bede, writing about 740 AD, said in his Ecclesiastical History:

“The Britons preserved the Faith which they had received under King Lucius uncorrupted, and continued in peace and tranquility until the time of the Emperor Diocletian.”


The Doomsday Book (Survey Folio, page 249b) states:

“The Domus Dei, in the monastery of Glastonbury, called The Secret of our Lord. This Glastonbury Church possesses in its own ville XII hides of land which have never paid tax.”


Polydore Vergil (1470 – 1555 AD), lib. ii:

“Britain, partly through Joseph of Arimathea, partly through Fugatus and Damianus, was of all kingdoms the first that received the Gospel.”


Robert Parsons, the Jesuit scholar, in his Three Conversions of England (1603), admits that:

“The Christian religion began in Britain within fifty years of Christ’s ascension.”


Sir Henry Spelman’s states in Concilia, published in 1773 AD:

“We have abundant evidence that this Britain of ours received the faith, and that from the disciples of Christ Himself, soon after the crucifixion of Christ.”


According to Hengwst MSS, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Bk. XI, Chap. XII, Humphrey Lloyd, ‘Sebright’ MSS; Abbot of Bangor Iscoed or Bangor-on-Dee, writing to the Bishop of Rome in the 7th century stated:

“We desire to love all-men, but he whom you call “Pope” is not entitled to style himself the “father of fathers” and the only submission we can render him is that which we owe to every Christian.”


Cadvan, Prince of Wales, 610 AD, expresses himself thus to the Abbot of Bangor on the subject of the mutual exclusivity of the churches of Britain and Rome:

“All men may hold the same truth, yet no man can hereby be drawn into slavery to another. If the Cymry believed all that Rome believes, that would be as strong a reason for Rome obeying us, as for us to obey Rome. It suffices for us that we obey the Truth. If other men obey the Truth, are they therefore to become subject to us? Then were the Truth of Christ made slavery and not freedom.”


Nathanial Bacon (1593–1660 AD), stated in Government of England:

“The Britons told Augustine they would not be subject to him, nor let him pervert the ancient laws of their Church. This was their resolution, and they were as good as their word, for they maintained the liberty of their Church five hundred years after his time, and were the last of all the Churches of Europe that gave up their power to the Roman Beast . . .”


Alford’s Regia Fides Brittanica 1663, Vol. 1, p. 19:

“The faith which was adopted by the nation of the Britons in the year of our Lord 165, was preserved inviolate, and in the enjoyment of peace, to the time of the Emperor Diocletian.”


Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England 1765–1769, Vol. IV, p.105:

“The ancient British Church by whomsoever planted was a stranger to the bishop of Rome and all his pretended authorities.”


R.W. Morgan, St. Paul in Britain, p. 111:

“The British Church was represented during his [Constantine’s] reign by native bishops at the Councils of Arles, A.D. 308, and Nice, A.D. 325.”


From Lionel Smithett Lewis’ St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury (1922):

“It is certain that Britain received the Faith in the first age from the first sewers of the Word. Of all the churches whose origin I have investigated in Britain, the church of Glastonbury is the most ancient.”


Isabel Hill Elder wrtote in Celt, Druid and Culdee (1973):

“…in seven genealogical charts setting forth his pedigree, Arviragus is shown to be the son of Cunobelinus and grandsire of Lucius (in whose reign Christianity was established as the national religion); in the pedigree according to the classics, i.e. Julius Caesar, Tacitus, Suetonius, Dion Cassius and Orosius, Caractacus is shown to be the son of Cunobelinus; in Rome Caractacus was known also by his title, Arviragus, and is so referred to by the poet Juvenal. In the pedigree according to Tysilio and in the Welsh Chronicles, Caractacus appears under his title Gueirdd (Justiciary), son of Cunobelinus and grandsire of Lucius. Further, in the Triads, and some of the Welsh genealogies, Caractacus appears as the son of Bran and grandsire of Lucius. Bran, a contraction of Brenhan, i.e. ‘King’, is mentioned in the Triads as ‘Bran the Blessed’ (the Blessed King). This was the designation of Cunobelinus following his acceptance of Christianity and his resignation of the crown in favour of his third son, Caractacus. Bran the Blessed became Archdruid of Siluria in order to devote the remainder of his life to Christianity into which Druidism was beginning to merge.

[…] For almost two centuries Britain had been free from the domination of Imperial Rome; this fact enabled the supporters of the British Church at this time to quote the second canon of the Council of Constantinople, held in A.D.381, which ordained that the Churches that are without the Roman Empire should be governed by their ancient customs (Paper in the ‘Ecclesiastic’ for April 1864 on Dr. Todd’s ‘St. Patrick’, Concilia Constantiano Theodore-Martin (Lovar), 1517). But the canon was not held sufficient by Augustine and his successors to justify the British Church in its contention.

Though the doctrinal controversies which divided British and Roman Churches may seem unimportant to us, they plainly show our original ecclesiastical independence, and the stubborn resistance of our Church fathers to papal pretensions to supremacy (McCallum, ‘History of the Culdees,’ p.60, 61). Beyond all question, to the national Church of Britain belongs that per-eminence which the old British Triads claimed for it of being ‘primary in respect to Christianity.”


The Drama of the Lost Disciples (1961), George F. Jowett:

“It is interesting to note that the Bethany group who landed in Britain, was never referred to by the British priesthood as Christians, nor even later when the name was in common usage. They were called ‘Culdees’, as were the other disciples who later followed the Josephian mission into Britain. There are two interpretations given to the word ‘Culdee’, or ‘Culdich’, both words purely of the Celto-British language, the first meaning ‘certain strangers’, and the other as explained by Lewis Spence, who states that ‘Culdee’ is derived from ‘Ceile-De’, meaning, ‘Servant of the Lord’. In either case the meaning is appropriate. This title, applied to Joseph of Arimathea and his companions, clearly indicates that they were considered as more than ordinary strangers. The name sets them apart as somebody special. In this case, since they arrived in Britain on a special mission with a special message, we can fairly accept the title meant to identify them as ‘certain strangers, Servants of the Lord’…..In the ancient British Triads, Joseph and his twelve companions are all referred to as Culdees, as also are Paul, Peter, Lazarus, Simon Zelotes, Aristobulus and others. This is important. The name was not known outside Britain and therefore could only have been assigned to those who actually had dwelt among the British Cymri. The name was never applied to any disciple not associated with the early British missions. Even though Gaul was Celtic, the name was never employed there. In later years the name Culdee took on an added significance, emphasising the fact that the Culdee Christian Church was the original Church of Christ on earth. The name Culdee, and Culdich clung tenaciously to the Scottish Church, and its prelates, much longer than elsewhere.

[…] The Rig-Vedas, the ancient religious books of India, were written 1500 B.C. and the Druidic religion ante-dated that of India, circa 1800 B.C.

The wise men of India record the visit of Jesus among them, stating that He dwelt in Nepal. They also make several references to Britain as a great centre of religious learning, therefore, on several scores, Jesus would know of the eminence of Druidic religious wisdom. He would know from his uncle Joseph, who frequently visited Britain on his tin mining expeditions. It was popular knowledge among the Greeks and Romans who heavily populated Judea. He would know from personal contact with Britain, made when his uncle Joseph took Him on his seafaring trips to that country. Eastern and Western tradition claim Jesus completed His studies in Britain. This could be possible. At that time the Druidic universities were the largest in the world, both in size and in attendance with a listing of sixty large universities and an average attendance of over sixty thousand students. (Gildas, ‘Cottonian MS’ and Morgan, ‘History of Britain’) This is affirmed by Greek and Roman Testimony which states that the noble and wealthy of Rome and other nations sent their children to study law, science and religion in Britain.”


From Bharath Khand of Bhavishya Purana (believed to have been written around 1500 BC):

“The revelation of God who is eternal, Holy, Compassionate and giver of Salvation; who dwells within our heart is manifested. His name is Yeesha (Jesus) Masih (Christ).”


In Why Britain? (1984), Percy E. Corbett wrote:

“William of Malmesbury records in his “De Antiquitate Glastoniae” that St. David A.D. 540, when he came to Glastonbury to rededicate the new church, had a dream which changed his mind. During the first night St. David slept at Glastonbury, the vision of Jesus appeared to him in a dream telling David that rededication was unnecessary saying “He Himself had long before dedicated the church in honour of His mother and the sacrament ought not to be profaned by human repetition.

In order to perpetuate the historic beginnings of the church St. David erected a new stone in addition to the old church in A.D. 546 bearing a brass tablet which read:- “The first ground of God, the first ground of the saints in Britain, the rise and foundation of all religion in Britain, and the burial place of the Saints.”


William of Malmesbury also wrote concerning the original church at Glastonbury:

“Of wattle work at first, it savoured somewhat of heavenly sanctity even from its very foundation and exhaled it all over the country, claiming superior reverence. A model of the wattle church exists in the British Museum.”


In his all but lost, History of Britain from the Flood to AD 700, R.W. Morgan wrote:

“The Roman Catholic Church has no pretensions to being the primitive or apostolic church of Britain. It came in so late as a century a half after the Saxon, and four centuries after the national establishment of the native British church.”


Morgan continued on Page 37:

“When Druidism merged into Christianity, these rites, festivals, and canonicals, became those of the Christian Church. Little variation exists between the modern ceremonials of religion, as witnessed in a Roman Catholic cathedral, and those of Druidic Britain two thousand years since. Their derivation from Druidism is not more evident than the striking contrast they present to the simple and unadorned ritual of Primitive Christianity. Some of these observances are common to Judaism and Druidism—others are to be found in Druidism alone.”


On page 51, Morgan considers the failed Julian invasions of Britain, 55-54 BC:

“The consequences attending the second Julian invasion, skilfully glossed over and coloured as they are in the Commentaries of the Roman general, demonstrates that both at Rome and the continent it was regarded as a more serious failure than the first.__

For ninety-seven years no Roman again ventured to plant a hostile foot on our Island. And when the Roman eagle under Claudius once more expanded its wings to the stormy winds of Britain, it was when no other enemy unconquered met its eye from the Euphrates to Gibraltar, and the Empire it symbolized had leisure to turn the whole of its vast forces against the sole free people of the West.”


Morgan then considers the failed Claudian invasion, including the eventual expulsion of the Romans from Britain in 86 AD:

“The Claudian invasion which commences here, A.D. 43, and terminated after a war of forty-three years’ duration waged with fluctuating success, in the expulsion of the Romans from Britain, A.D. 86, is remarkable for the succession of able com¬manders produced by it on both sides. Britain during this period, served the same purpose for Rome as Hindustan has, during the last century, for Britain—it was the nursery for raising generals and maintaining the efficiency of her troops. With the exception of the campaigns of Corbulo, in Germany (A.D. 47), and Armenia (A.D. 58), and of the conquest of Dacia effected in one campaign, (A.D. 86), no other foreign hostilities engaged the attention of the Roman arms. The emperors were at liberty to direct the whole force of the empire against this island alone—a fact as it has been carefully ignored by the Roman historians, so it excites no surprise that it should not have been observed by the modern writers who can see nothing British in these heroic old times except through the hostile and distorting medium of Roman eyes.”


If the foregoing grammar or even certain portions of it prove to be correct, notwithstanding certain errors and omissions, it seems logical to conclude that in its original form, Christianity may well have been a natural sequence to the Ancient British Druidic Religion, which was epitomised by the belief in the immortality of the soul, vicarious atonement and the bardic maxim, The Truth against the World, whilst its epicentre appears to have been the western isles of the lands now known as Ireland and Scotland.


It also seems somewhat obvious, despite centuries of confusion, obfuscation and deception, that the ancient church of the Culdees or the Chaldeans of Ur may have been the prototype for the Apostolic Christian Church in Britain, which predates St. Augustine’s attempts to impose the Catholic faith upon the Britons by more than half a millennium, given the abundance of credible sources which claim that the primary seat of Christianity was established in Glastonbury, in the year now known as 37 AD, whilst St. Augustine’s crusade began in 597 AD.

Furthermore, if the deductions of William Comyns Beaumont in Britain – Key to World History prove to be correct, then at least until it was razed to the ground around 135 AD by Emperor Hadrian, Jerusalem, where Joseph is believed to have kept a home and high office, was the sacred city which was built on the site we now know as Edinburgh in Scotland, which was known as Judea in biblical times. This subject, along with the question of Christ’s existence, will be discussed in detail in subsequent articles.

As to who founded the original seat of Christianity, it appears likely that the original church was founded on the Islands of Britain, but the specifics of who founded it remain less certain. Whilst there are numerous claims that Joseph of Arimathea and the primary disciples of Christ and/or Christ himself built the original wattle church in or near Glastonbury, it seems more than probable that it was founded by those who were considered to be Culdees or Chaldeans by the ancient Britons.

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Nine Covenant Names of YAHWEH For Prayer Warriors!

A condensed prayer with just the slogans in bold is found in our local assembly materials.

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It’s important to understand these nine covenant names of YAHWEH. Prayer warriors should add them to the core of their prayer lives.

Some talk about His shield and armour. However, YAHWEH has given us an awesome military fortress called His name.

“The name of YAHWEH is a strong castle/fortress, the righteous run into it, and they are saved.” (From Proverbs 18:10 Often this Hebrew word is for a castle, not just a tower as used in KJV. See 1Chronicles 27:25)

In this article we are focusing on the names that are declared as a covenantal title specifically attached to the name YAHWEH.

We’re demonstrating nine of the covenant names of YAHWEH for equipping saints in your spiritual warfare. In your prayer life, you can claim these names, the authority and covenental rights you have in Him. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that Satan stole your territory. Pray with authority in these covenants YAHWEH has made with you.

“And whatsoever ye do in word or in deed, do all in the name of YAHWEH Yahshua, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” (Collossians 3:17)


    YAHWEH Yireh (YAHWEH our provider)

Genesis 22
13 – And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind [him] a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.
14 – And Abraham called the name of that place YAHWEH jireh: as it is said [to] this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

YAHWEH provideth all of our need according to His riches in glory by Ha Meschiac Yahshua – Jesus the Christ. (From Philipians 4:19)


    YAHWEH Nissi (YAHWEH our banner)

Exodus 17
15 – And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it YAHWEH nissi:
16 – For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn [that] the LORD [will have] war with Amalek from generation to generation.

YAHWEH fights for us. (from Nehemiah 4:20)


    YAHWEH Rapha (YAHWEH our healer)

Exodus 15
26 – And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.

By His stripes we were healed. (From Isaiah 53:5 and 1Peter 2:24)


    YAHWEH Sabaoth (YAHWEH of hosts)

1 Samuel 17
45 – Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of YAHWEH of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.

Thus saith YAHWEH the King of Israel, redeemer YAHWEH of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no god. (From Isaiah 44:6)

    YAHWEH Shalom (YAHWEH our peace)

Judges 6
23 – And YAHWEH said unto him, Peace be unto thee; fear not: thou shalt not die.
24 – Then Gideon built an altar there unto YAHWEH, and called it YAHWEH shalom: unto this day it is yet in Ophrah of the Abiezrites.

And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. (From Romans 16:20)

    YAHWEH Tsidkenu (YAHWEH our righteousness)

Jeremiah 23
6 – In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this [is] his name whereby he shall be called, YAHWEH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper for our righteousness is of YAHWEH Yahshua. (From Isaiah 54:17)


    YAHWEH Rohi (YAHWEH our Shepherd)

Psalm 23
1 – The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2 – He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
3 – He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
4 – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. (From Psalms 121:4)


    YAHWEH Shammah (YAHWEH is with us.)

Ezekiel 48
35 – It was round about eighteen thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, YAHWEH is there.

He shall never leave us nor forsake us. (from Hebrews 13:5)


    YAHWEH MiKadishkim (YAHWEH our holiness.)

Leviticus 20
8 – And ye shall keep my statutes, and do them: I am the LORD which sanctify you.

For both He (Yahshua) that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause He(Yahshua) is not ashamed to call them brethren, (from Hebrews 2:11)

Definition of the name YAHWEH is “He that is everything, has made a covenant to share it with you.”

In a future study we will add more names to this prayer warrior understanding for your edification.

YAHWEH elohanu

YAHWEH echad

YAHWEH melek

and the many other names without the title YAHWEH.


A condensed list with just the slogans in bold is found in our local assembly materials.



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The GLORIOUS FUTURE For The Viking Tribe of Dan

The GLORIOUS FUTURE For The Viking Tribe of Dan

November 30, 2013 at 1:34pm

There are many great promises for the tribe of Dan that YAHWEH very specifically emphasizes will only happen in the latter days of the end times, in the new heavens and new earth Kingdom of YAHWEH. This article will just stick to the Scripture, without any jewish fables whatsoever. This will be the topic of today’s Bible study and is to be a published article of TCAWW at

and other publications online.


The GLORIOUS FUTURE for the tribe of Dan


The most well known and great Viking tribe (Biblical Dan, Tuatha de Dannan) of the world has been slandered and defamed to a critical degree. Many say this great pioneering tribe of Israel would be removed. However, none of the points hold water when shown in the Scripture. There are many great promises for the tribe of Dan, still to come. YAHWEH has a great plan for the Viking tribe of Dan!


As Jacob said would occur a “the latter days”.


Genesis 49:1

” that which shall befall you in the last days.”

Along with the other twelve tribes Jacob gives an awesome prophecy for the tribe of Dan of what they will do in the end times.

Genesis 49:16

“Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.”

Dan has a ministry calling to subjugate/judge. As an Arch leader or firstfruits, going ahead of the camp as the reapers of the field of harvest. Not only leading the other two Scandinavian tribes of the North, but also the whole twelve tribes as an officer executing His judgements.


Genesis 49:17

Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.


A permanent station is allocated in the Kingdom that will be setup after the new heavens and earth,


Ezekiel 48:1-7 says, “Now these are the names of the tribes. From the north end to the coast of the way of Hethlon, as one goeth to Hamath, Hazarenan, the border of Damascus northward, to the coast of Hamath; for these are his sides east and west; a portion for Dan. And by the border of Dan, from the east side unto the west side…”


In Revelation it refers to the gates of Dan in the Kingdom.


Revelation 21:12

“And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:”


See Ezekiel 48:32

“… and three gates; and one gate of Joseph, one gate of Benjamin, one gate of Dan.”


(Note the Tribe of Dan, has always been a forerunner in Israel, a Pioneer, an “Arch”, the point of the arrow, so to speak. If the Tribe of Dan is to be still YAHWEH’s Battle Axe and weapon of war, at the sharp edge of the blade, then they should not be sealed in Revelation 7. This is consistent with their calling. Dan should enter the fray, rather than being sealed from the opening of the abyss and hell itself coming on earth, dragons, and all sorts of creatures Hollywood still cannot even attempt to depict. I believe that is because YAHWEH’s word is still true, He has not lied yet and in the LATTER DAY END TIMES they are the JUDGES…. While the rest are sealed and kept out of the harm, Dan will relish in it. Perhaps the Joel 2 army consists exclusively of the tribe of Dan. Read Joel chapter 2 and see the epic time it occurs. Apparently it is the time of the reapers. Only such fierce Viking peoples get such an honour as to be called the JUDGES. Most never do rise up to start it, but later do follow the point of the blade, into the ordained path. The rest of Israel will follow the Judge Israel AS ONE / ECHAD with Dan to also fulfill their own prophetic missions under this hasty Viking tribe. Genesis 49:16)


Anyone who curses Dan, remember YAHWEH said I WILL CURSE THEM THAT CURSE YOU… Jesus told us only the jews are the serpent seed. The tribe of Dan is more like the Nazarenes under Nazarite vows, te Culdee, etc. All such liars entrenched in the babble of the synagog of satan,  defaing the Charactor of Dan should beware. Soon all they can do is seek to flee, but they cannot hide from these end time prophecies. Judgement and Justice will return,


Psalm 149:6

“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;”


Mattew 11:12

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

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Judgement on Comet Ison and Rare Eclipse – Egyptian and Biblical Angels, dragons, etc

This rare eclipse occurred at the moment the comet ison came within our orbital path November 2nd and 3rd. Hear words of understanding, history, and prophecy about such eclipses at this video from Rev Stephen Michael of The Christ’s Assembly Worldwide, Grand Marshal of the Priory of Salem.

Like in every culture in the world, Paul reiterated that it’s because of the angels that women should cover their heads. Electrically speaking it’s an insulator at a time when we’re seeing all the planets light up like Christmas trees, Mars etc as the comet passes by. Last year Venus lit up from a similar comet. For angelic descension I think we’re nearing that period now more than for a long time… Comet Ison and rare eclipses occuring. A lot of Biblical comentary and encouragement for the elect firstfruits.

Egyptian mythology is centered around the topic of the habitation that is located at the horizon that’s in the center of the sky. Especially during the time there is an eclipse, they say in all their mythologies that’s when it’s open for the giants, angels, nephillim creatures, Pharohs etc to come through. Most of these are depicted in art and statues as having what looks like a crescent eclipse symbol around their heads.

This agrees with the Biblical depictions of eclipses that have occurred as well as will occur in future cataclysmic events. It regularly calls this the sun setting in the middle of the day, or becomes totally darkened like in Egyptian plagues, the Crucifixion and resurrection of saints at the crucifixion, the sun being blackened and covered with sackcloth, moon into blood, etc.  The Scripture regularly said there would be signs in the heavens, and the Scripture consistently refers to them.

Christians wore headcoverings in every denomination , not long ago. Even men were expected to be always wearing headcoverings except while praying or prophesying. It says the sorrows that will follow these eclipses will include baldness of women, plagues etc.

Many have proven comet ison is the samem comet of 1680, coming exactly on the same degrees and solar longtitude and latitudinal path of the 1680 comet. It’s virtually guaranteed to be the same comet, and with it, coming ever 333 years, came the bubonic and black death plagues.

See our Rabbinic Counsel Hebrew Quarantine Declaration for New SARS MERS and more  to read about the measures for protecting yourself regarding the plagues. God has given us all the solutions already in the law of Moses. No other medicine or strategy can help. 

Paul reiterated the importance of separating ourselves from people who have uncleanness or red sores showing in the flesh: Paul Taught Dietary Laws and Levitical Blood Laws PNIKTOS = ALL UNCLEAN MEATS

While this is common Hebrew law and knowledge verified in every culture of the world, and in present laws in many countries for quarantines. Sadly you’re not going to find the law taught plainly in many other ministries at this time, except within The Christ’s Assembly Worldwide. The problem is everyone only follows babylon who have sold themselves for the love of money to pharmakia witchraft structures for their economies, insurance companies, etc. They’re deliberately not testing people. So it will be too late if you aren’t already following the law of Moses by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus to follow that law that David said is only freedom and liberty. The only bondage is sin, 1John 3:4 “sin is transgression of the law”, the law is righteousness, and it’s the only way you know what you do is love.




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Obama Ready To “Shutdown” 16 U.S. States – Republic of Texas May Arise Sooner Rather Than Later

Obama has a plan to dissolve 16 states and revoke their state charter by executive fiat order with the current alleged budget crisis and shutdown. If he does that, some very interesting things will happen with Texas. with a planned breakaway event of the Republic of TexasEven the Attorney General, Greg Abbott of the State of Texas is talking about it now and has published a plan and a declaration to work with and assist the Texas Nationalist Movement for complete Texas Independence if this scenario happens, he says. Scroll down to the middle of the article below to read what those events are.
Very very interesting, indeed. Stay tuned.
Rav Jeff L. Smith
Senior Minister/Teacher/Directing Elder
Beyth Yahowseph* MinistriesTEXASNATION
Beyth Yahowseph*• A Covenant Ministry For Restoration of the House of Yahowseph/Joseph Over the Northern 10 Tribes Stick of the 12/13 of Israel and For Special Ministry of the House of Menashsheh/Manasseh and this “Forgotten” 13th Tribe’s Special Role as “Nassiy”, Now Awakened from Dormancy to be the Latter Day Chief Shepherd Preserver Tribe in the Onyx Stone Kingdom of the Daughter of Zion Wilderness Land of Father Yahweh’s People in the 2nd Israel Nation* (Ezekiel 37:22) Prophesied to Come into Being in the Holy Scriptures (Ezekiel 36:1 – 37:28) BEFORE the Messiah Yahshua HaMashiyach Returns• • •

Obama Ready To “Shutdown” 16 U.S. States

Posted by: Brandon Walker Posted date: October 06, 2013 In:Blog PostsEconomicsNewsVideos

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obama UN
It has never happened before in the history of the United States. We The People are watching a political game of chess unfold from our nations leaders and are on the very brink of a financial catastrophe like no other since our nations founding. When and if this occurs in just a mere 11 days, on October 17, President Obama is not looking to fix it but rather “shut down” or terminate the charter of 16 U.S. States!
The train wreck that was predicted with the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, is being scheduled. Our national debt clock is ticking down like a time bomb. October 17th, for the first time in U.S. History, we may default on our loans. Not a joke.  October 17th is when the check to the outstanding accounts that we borrowed from to fund our Federal Reserve comes due to countries like China who President Obama borrowed over aTrillion dollars from.
Imagine if you will:
The sequence of events would likely go as follows…
Within seconds of news that the United States missed a payment, almost simultaneously, the stock market and the U.S. dollar would plummet in value.
A super-spike in interest rates would follow in short order.
A gallon of milk would suddenly cost upwards of $100.
A loaf of bread, $44.
A gallon of gasoline, upwards of $1,000.
In a panic to protect their inventories, business owners would shutter their doors, triggering widespread looting and chaos.
Then, within an hour later, the federal government would issue emergency notification that its disaster map is in effect.
“The United States of America would look dramatically different,” says renowned global analyst, Karim Rahemtulla, adding that “not every state will survive.”-Town Hall
Town Hall reports some interesting comments from the Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, on this subject.
“If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations,” said Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, on Wednesday.
What our treasury secretary is hinting at is bigger then anything we could imagine and an almost doomsday scenario for the United States being planned out by President Obama and his administration. How serious is the threat? Well it is serious enough for the NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal government to put contingency plans in place completely annexing 16 states and redrawing the federal United States Map.
The Federal Government has put into place contingency plans for if this happens implementing a virtual “government shutdown” of 16 states. Which 16 states? Well that depends on the map, as two are in play. One shuts down the biggest welfare states, the other redraws the map of the Civil War!
Is your state on the map to be annexed?
This map shows the biggest TANF, or federal funds to low income families, recipients. This is one of the biggest drains on the government borrowing from the Social Security and Medicare tax income that is received since the 1996 reform. Dark blue indicates the biggest percentage per population that receives these funds.
According to CNBC and the National Counsel of State Legislatures (NCSL) the top 15 states to be victims of Obama’s government shutdowns to punish the people would be: 15. Oregon, 14. Pennsylvania, 13.  Michigan, 12. Rhode Island, 11. Indiana, 10. New Mexico, 9. Washington, 8. Minnesota, 7. New York, 6. District of Colombia (not a state but one of the highest per capita welfare recipients), 5. Vermont, 4. Massachusetts, 3. Tennessee, 2. Maine, 1. California. The 16th state could be a choice from any of the darker blue states from Virginia, Florida, Alaska, etc.This could also be drawn up by the 2012 census of Household Median Income which would pretty much redraw some old battle lines and old wounds of our Nation.  This list would included from lowest to highest: 16. Mississippi, 15. West Virginia, 14. Arkansas, 13. Kentucky, 12. Alabama, 11. Tennessee, 10. Louisiana, 9. South Carolina, 8. New Mexico, 7. Oklahoma, 6. Idaho, 5. North Carolina, 4. Montana, 3. Florida, 2. Missouri, 1.Ohio.
Basically the bread basket of America. It would be agriculture verses industry. The rest of the southern states are not far behind on that list. We can record government interference with the farm industry and recent flooding, droughts, and natural occurrences for the gap.
The one missing from the list as a major player in industry in the old Confederate States has a plan that makes this even bigger.
Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) made no secret since 2009 his feelings on if the United States Federal Government and the republic collapsed what his feelings were. It is no secret that Texas is a big battleground state and one of the industry leaders with even a slot in the World Economy.
This year, the Attorney General of Texas, Gregg Abott, signed a contingency plan that he would help the Texas Nationalist Movement in the event of an economic collapse to restore the Republic of Texas to the full glory of the nation it once was. This has led to some serious debate with constitutional lawyers as if it was even possible since the civil war. But Texas remains one state that is still classified as a “Republic” and is one of the only states that can fly its flag at the same level as the US flag.
This prompted legislation in Oklahoma from the Oklahoma House and Senate and was signed off on by Governor Mary Fallen (R) to also leave the US in the event of a catastrophe. It seems that Oklahoma would join its sister state in leaving and they are on the list of the 16 states that would be cut if President Obama does this by wealth.
Louisiana is flirting with the idea and Arkansasas well. Parts of Colorado (considering that they had the first re-call election and replaced legislatures for the first time in history during a term) and New Mexico are also lining up with the idea . Could we see the rise of the Republic of Texas again?
(Note: All we need now is for Wyoming and Kansas to line up with us here in Texas, and we’ve got our Republic of Texas back, all of it, yes indeed! We’ve now got all the other parts of Texas already lined up with us!)
How credible is the threat? (to them, not us here in Texas).Well there are several things that makes this doomsday scenario possible. Number one, the government already has the contingency plan in place and President Obama signed off on the executive order already.
We have the truckers shutting down the dollar on October 11-13 to get their attention and demand impeachment. We have the banks threatening to follow suit in retaliation. Instant market flux or maybe market crash.
The powers that be stand to make money on this, in fact they are routing for it:
“It’s piling into very specific global markets,” says Karim Rahemtulla, author of the bestselling book, Where in the World Should I Invest?
“Certain insiders will get rich off of this event. It happens in every crisis dating as far back to the Depression. You just need to know where to put your money,” Rahemtulla adds.
Next, The Blaze reported while we were writing this article that Speaker John Boehner now states that if President Obama continues to negotiate that we will default on the National Debt.  Here is the video that they are talking about:
It is bad enough to get Speaker Boehner to cuss in another speech directly to the White House of “This Is NOT some damn game”!
Here is the situation in a nut shell, IF the President comes to the table and negotiates, then we raise the debt ceiling; we risk a credit downgrade again in our US History, the dollar weakens, and we risk another catastrophic market collapse.  However, the United States stays intact, and we can possibly end the insanity as of late.
If that doesn’t happen, then see the doomsday scenario set in place for us all. We have his excuse to declare martial law and rip the United States to pieces.
Either way, if your Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, or not affiliated with any party, the final outcome of October 17th, 2013, does not look good.  Check Mate!

Brandon Walker

Licensed Preacher and Journalist from Texas. Veteran of the US Army, medically discharged under honorable conditions. Seventeen year veteran of law enforcement that worked for such organizations as the Massachusetts State Police, Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Corrections Corporation of America (Administrator), and Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Christian Constitutional Conservative with degrees in Business and Criminal Law.
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Windmill Power Wind Energy Bad for Environment not bio friendly

Dear Watchmen of the Christ’s Assembly,

The verdicts are all out. Windmill power is bad for the environment and especially very bad for human biological organisms who are too closeby. It is also under major debate whether it will help humans 1,000 years from now etc.

Here’s some information about Wind power effecting human health for the now, and in our local environments. These figures below are only magnified when very large ones are put within dangerous distances to houses.

Rotation of the large blades from wind turbines create very low frequency pressure fluctuations known as infrasonic sound.REFERENCE The average human ear can not perceive this as sound because it is below the limit of hearing perception. (hearing sensitivity varies with age,sex,health,exposure to drugs,alcohol,time of day,weather,hearing impairment,state of mind,training,bodymass,previous exposure,etc.) REFERENCE
The most intense of the broad band noise created by these larger designs is of this nature REFERENCE REFERENCE
This noise can be understood by Fourier analysis to consist of a complex combination of many sine waves of many frequencies,harmonics and intensities. REFERENCE REFERENCE
The larger the blades – the lower this frequency content.
A collection of turbines is like an orchestra all playing slightly out of tune.
They are independent mechanical devices and start and run at slightly different frequencies and phases.
Due to constructive or destructive wave phase interference this will create oddities such as beats and irregular impulsesREFERENCE REFERENCE
These can combine to create levels many times greater than the original individual sources on occasion. REFERENCE
The frequency difference can create sum and difference products. REFERENCE
Suitably sized objects within range can be forced into resonance via sympathetic vibration from the expansion and contraction forces created by this constant unnatural disturbance and also by its wavelength harmonics REFERENCEREFERENCE
It will resonate the buildings (rooms,basements,attics,stud spaces,closets,ductwork,manholes,tunnels,etc.) near a site the same as a “box” resonates and amplifies the sound of a guitar or violin string or speaker, and possibly the ground & thewater table and increase the overall frequency selective amplification effect. (piezeoelectric-pressure to electric field generation effects can be possible in quartz bearing rock).
The wavelength of 20 cycle sound is around 50′
These effects will unpredictably vary at different distances and orientations around a site.
Low frequency infrasonic sound travels great distance before the energy is absorbed and attenuated. REFERENCE 1 OF 4REFERENCE 2 OF 4 REFERENCE 3 OF 4 REFERENCE 4 OF 4
Much more than the higher human audible frequencies which are affected moreso by the vegetation ground cover.The 20 storey height of some of these puts them above the trees in fast flowing air. Debris from blade breakup has been found many hundreds of feet downwind.The infrasound can be channelized /focused by differing thermal layers(moisture layers in coastal locations) REFERENCE REFERENCE
Low frequency sound travels easily in water and rock.
It can be focused and reflected off of rocky seabed and via thermal or current density water layers REFERENCE
It also travels faster here than in air so there will possibly be phase interference anomalies at the material boundries.REFERENCE
Add to this the constant resonant sway of the 20 storey towers on their huge concrete bases,the natural resonances of the blades and metal tower structure and you have a slowly pulsating ground environment which will vary by season and moisture content
How this all will couple to the subsurface geology and what effects will be produced is up for discovery and is site specific.
I read of seismic test activity 10 miles from an installation in Ontario.
These unnatural and constant repetitive low frequency pressure fluctuations are capable of altering natural physiological andmental health via processes of sympathetic resonance vibration of internal organs, fluids, cavities,etc.
and possibly other effects from piezeoelectric — pressure to voltage activity. REFERENCE 
The molecular organization of bone, keratin, tendon tissue are known to be piezeoelectric structures.This could have an effect on the natural balance of the bio-electric nature of the body REFERENCE REFERENCE
The science of cymatics has demonstrated certain sound frequencies can be detrimental to ones health. REFERENCEREFERENCE REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCE REFERENCE 
Basically the wind turbines are generators of a constantly repetitive low frequency compression and rarefraction which will vibrate and shake the bag of water that supports all living matter in a manner it was not designed to handle continually!
The pressure and vibration senses will be in constant overload trying to find homeostasis within an organism
Low frequency sounds are capable of disturbing the natural balance between brain hemispheres REFERENCEREFERENCE
On the internet GOOGLE -military infrasound(infrasonic) – to get an appreciation of what decades of military research utilizing high impulse levels has discovered and experimented with for use of its non-lethal weapon potential (that which is presently unclassified) REFERENCEThis will manifest itself in time as health problems for the people and wildlife and marinelife of an area within range of these installations.
Aquatic life are sensitive to sound in a manner different from the human species. REFERENCE
Some marine mammals communicate in the infrasonic range sometimes over hundreds to thousands of miles.
REFERENCE 6 of 12 REFERENCE 7 of 12 REFERENCE 8 of 12 REFERENCE 9 of 12 REFERENCE 10 of 12
REFERENCE 11 of 12 REFERENCE 13 of 12
I read of some bird deaths around a site out west as being thought to be from internal hemorrhaging.
The human species is the only one that doesn’t have to hunt for its meals anymore.
Many others depend on being able to hear or sense the vibration of their dinner or their enemies.
Small creatures have small,intricate hearing systems evolved and tuned to the demands of their natural environment.Unnatural noise can be stressful to them.
These turbines will be trouble for their survival.
Typically this means nothing to the human population.
There has been a mimimum input(if any?) from animal or marine or plant biologists,entomologists,etc. as to the harm this can cause the rest of the species living in the ” hood “.
It’s not inconceivable that for micro-instant periods the pulse levels generated from a
” farm ” could approach those levels found effective in the military realm by way of these phase interference and resonance effects in combination with the wind!
Most sound level information provided by wind industry propaganda convieniently fails to take all this this basic physics into account.
“If you can’t hear it it can’t be a problem” is often used as grounds for dismissal.
These groupings of independent electrical generators also generate extreme low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field radiation .
They can be considered as high wattage ELF electromagnetic broadcast – transmitter towers and due to their high current output create strong alternating magnetic fields.REFERENCE
Although their radiation efficiency may be low they are still sources-notwithstanding the possible inadvertent induced coupling into the connected grid and thousands of miles of its transmission lines which might make for a more efficient antenna.
Could trees constitute another unforseen antenna system?REFERENCE 1 of 8 REFERENCE 2 of 8 REFERENCE 3of 8REFERENCE 4 of 8 REFERENCE 5of 8 REFERENCE 6 of 8 REFERENCE 7 of 8 REFERENCE 8 of 8
Could highway pavement in combination with road salt and moisture act similar to a trace on a circuit board and increase the signal strength? REFERENCE REFERENCE
The US Navy had a system -project SANGUINE -located in Wisconsin that used some thousands of miles of antenna and some millions of watts ( megawatts) of input power to communicate worldwide to its submarine fleet at 76hz.ELF readily penetrates seawater to great depths. REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
The Russian system uses the sub-surface geology as part of their antenna system REFERENCE
What effect will the subsurface geology under a site have on its radiation? REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
How will this affect the natural subsurface environment REFERENCE
Magnetism penetrates everything and affects at the atomic level.
There may also be charge build up on the moving blades from the friction of air motion which could constitute another novel souce of electromagnetic radiation.
Some designs utilise a gearbox to couple the slower blade rotational speed to the generator so as to try and sync the generators with the standard 60 cycle per second power line frequency.
They can use solid state power circuitry to step up and match the difference which is another source of higher frequency radiation.
Some designs utilize armature brushs which can contribute higher frequency EMF from arcing as they wear.
Each signal generator is an independent mechanical sysem and the phases and frequencies do not match.
This combination can create extreme low frequency electromagnetic energy phase and frequency interference effects (beats,sum and difference products,intermodulation products,heterodyning,etc.) REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE in the lower range of natural brain bio-rhythms (3 to 35 cycles per second ) REFERENCE
and the earths natural electromagnetic pulsations known as the Schumann resonances which are centered around the 8 cycles per second range which cellular life has evolved bio-entrained to. REFERENCE REFERENCE
Our mental and physiological connections to this are not yet well understood.
Because of the long wavelengths these effects can influence the electromagnetic nature of the environment far removed from the source.REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCEREFERENCE 1 of 4 REFERENCE 2 of 4 REFERENCE 3 of 4 REFERENCE 4 of 4
10 cycles per second has a wavelength of 18,628 miles in air.The circumference of the earth is around 25,000 miles.
This energy can radiate great distance with minimum losses via ionospheric reflections ,and other atmospheric effects..REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
It also penetrates easily to great depth thru the earth REFERENCE Satellite data have shown our present power plant and broadcast transmission tower installations and heavy industrial areas are known to affect and alter the upper atmosphere/magnetosphere and possibly the weather in ways that are not completely understood.Power line harmonics radiation has been seen to modify the natural activity. REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Typically there will be differences in near field/far field radiation characteristics/responses REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE
Measurement made near the base in the near field is not necessarily an indication of what can be expected at great distance in the far field with very long wavelength electromagnetic energy these produce.REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Once released into the environment this energy can be coupled or induced and transmitted with minimum loss in the existing power line grid, communication lines, underground piping, railway lines, metal framing and re-bar structures in buildings, bridges, guardrails, fences, possibly ore bearing sub strata,etc.
These metal objects can passively resonantly amplify (similar to a radio / television antenna principles via magnetic permeability ) and re-radiate these signals.
They can also focus their radiant/reflection patterns depending on wavelength and harmonics and shapes and can create standing waves.
Again frequency effects (sum and difference/etc.) can add to the mix with the typical 50/60 cycle power line and its harmonics which we all are now unavoidably bio-entraned to.These 2 frequencies can be found together at different levels when measured globally REFERENCE REFERENCE
Is it coveivable these effects in combination can alter the natural frequency? REFERENCE
We are already subjected to interference from ground return currents. REFERENCE
The phase difference between the continent’s grid systems (120VAC at 60 hz in North America and 240VAC at 50 hz in Europe) already introduce a 360 volt RMS difference across the planet on a continuing pulsating basis! (surges and spikes can put this into the thousands of volt range on occasion) REFERENCE 1 OF 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Interference peaks can occur in a totally unpredictable manner at harmonically related distances.
These could temporarily alter normal brain electric fields and dependent physiological processes which are controlled by the interaction of its natural bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields REFERENCE
These could detrimentally bio-entrain the brain structure of all living creatures in a manner not understood nor easily explainable at the present time. REFERENCE
Glitchs,twitchs,black-outs,memory problems,behaviour disorders,sleep problems,heart palpitations,etc. are all demonstrated possibilities from this.These types of effects have been reported as reasons why some people living near these installations have had to move away to seek relief. REFERENCE
Life has evolved entrained to the earth’s naturally occuring Schumann resonances frequency range which is all modulated by solar and cosmic activity. REFERENCE
NASA has had to artificially generate this in all its manned space flights because of adverse health experiences learned from earlier missions. REFERENCE
This has been a force in directing the evolution of cellular life and the circadian rhythms followed by all cellular forms of which we are composed from about one-hundred trillion.
This relationship could possibly be ingrained into the life molecules at the genetic atomic or nuclear level in a manner yet to be understood. REFERENCE
All living matter is composed of cells each of which is a living entity having an unknown
form of intelligence.They have evolved from beginnings in seawater.Some species of fish are known to be extremely sensitive to electric fields while millions of others remain to be studied,ELF penetrates seawater to great depth..REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE 1 of 2 

Some bird have shown disorientation in ELF fields REFERENCE
Research has shown that what we sometimes consider as miniscule/irrelevent manmade levels as having a greater adverse health effect than extremely large signals in some instances.
Intensity and frequency windows have commonly been noticed.It can be expected that unnatural intensity levels close to the natural would be most capable of creating interference in life processes.REFERENCE REFERENCE
Again military research has demonstrated the ability of state of mind control via external electromagnetic intrusion in this frequency range. REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
Transcranial neuronal electric and magnetic stimulation using external fields is a common medical procedure with demonstrated mind probing or altering capability. REFERENCE REFERENCE
Much research into the adverse effects of manmade non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation we are all now exposed to has demonstrated a link to the low frequency pulsations/modulations of high frequency signals creating interference for the natural balance. REFERENCE REFERENCE Light flicker in this frequency range has demonstrated the ability to entrain and cause epilectic fits in some. REFERENCE
They have pulsating red aircraft warning lights which would dominate in the rural night darkness.
The shadow flicker created by these has a hypnotic effect and possibly the same capability at times.
The rotating blades could create a similar effect with microwave transmissions and reflect a flicker of pulses off them around an area at times. REFERENCE
There is some indication these create blind spots that radar cannot penetrate due to an interaction of electromagnetic origin.REFERENCE
The presence of these high grounded tube shaped metal tower structures can alter the natural atmospheric electrical micro-climate of the surroundings.Lightning is attracted to tall metal metal structures. They are susceptable to difficult to repair lightning damage REFERENCE
The degree of all these unnatural effects in isolation or combination is subject to conjecture and difficult to measure accurately due to the unpredictable nature of these types of events and the distances and all the variables all the time.
The complexities of the bio-electric and bio-magnetic nature of life makes it difficult to predict or define the health effects from these interactions in the short or long term.
The affect this will have on the millions of other species on the planet is unknown.
The ramifications are immense! REFERENCE
Presently many of these are being built and imported from Europe.
These are mechanical devices and wear out in time.
Their designs and parts will become obsolete and unavailable in but few decades.
Mechanical type noise will increase as they wear.
In the future as oil supplies dwindle and the big guns start shooting it out to get whats left these parts may not be readily available in short order(in wartime these factories would be prime targets).History repeats itself.
The cost of and availability of oil will be a dominant factor in the coming decades with the reality of none in the coming century(s). REFERENCE
Airplane travel is only possible because of oil.
Ocean going freight is oil intensive.
With the estimated extreme weather events forecast from global climate change it’s not inconceivable to find a localised installation immobilized from the power of the wind we’ve only begun to experience.
Ice buildup on the blades can keep them offline.
Their off and on operation leaves them susceptable to condensation related problems.
The newer design methodology require large cranes to reach the top of which their are only a few capable.
These are also easy targets for those in the terrorist business.
We will be vulnerable in the long term if we become dependent on this technology.
The wind does not blow all the time at the speed required to operate these at rated capacity and there are technical issues of switching these smoothly in and out of the grid.
No wind No juice!
Although well meaning in terms of reducing CO2 emissions these could turn out to be a environmental mistake of their own design and possibly an expensive blunder in the long term.
The gains from these will soon be absorbed by the present hominoid madness growth process.The forces putting these into the environment –those in the business of making money from these are very efficient at deceptively preying on the naivety, clean green gullibility and scientific ignorance of the masses in promoting these.
The legal tactic of using the catch-all phrase “no credible or reliable evidence “will be used to great advantage by the promotors of this technology in downplaying the unknowns on the environment …which is due more to the fact that nobody is looking at this relatively new phenomena and because there is no money to be made -it will be a long time coming.
Its worked wonders for the wireless industry when 40 years of worldwide research in the effects of non-ionizing radiation has indicated otherwise. REFERENCE
Would it not be much wiser to educate the young and old to learn how to turn off the switchs to achieve this much touted reduction?
Not only would that instantly reduce the human created emissions but it would also reduce the electro-smog we all now are forced to endure.REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE REFERENCE
The bio-interference this is creating to the natural life processes will only lead to unalterable genetic changes for the future to deal with. REFERENCE
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His Ekklesia Will Be Stronger Than It Has Ever Been

The latter rain will have a double portion. You think those were awesome miracles in the first century church? Jesus (YAHWEH YAHSHUA) said we will do GREATER works than even He Himself did. I believe this is because millions of us will be doing such miracles.

As Discussed every Sabbath on “the Kingdom Message”


When Jesus said He is building His “church”, that word is ekklesia. At the time in Rome Ekklesia meant the entire ruling elite, the government. Judgment must begin first at the house of God. It will only be accomplished in these last days. He is gathering us in the air by His truth. The internet is enabling enough knowledge and information that His people are SET FREE and throw off the NWO.

We are living in the times that all will be fulfilled, those “latter days”, as most prophecies contain the terms “end times” conquering of the evil synagogue of satan. That synagogue being all those who appose Adamic Anglo Saxon Christian, True Israel law given by YAHWEH. We who are with YAHWEH promote His 10 Commandments and His son Jesus the Christ to be our King. It says we will be a witness of the Kingdom (His law governance) on earth (70% of His law is national NOT personal). Jesus said we would be a witness of that national law governance promoting ALL THE LAW OF MOSES to all the nations as a full witness of it before the end finally does come. All the saints who lived before us are jealous of us in the earth now at this great time of the coming victories.

There is a great awakening of His covenant people to their identity as His “Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation“, Anglo Saxon Christendom, the true Israel of History. Traditional and ancient Christianity believed they are the Israel of the Bible, agreeing with the scriptures concerning the tweleve tribes. Most older hymns still evidence it, about about 3,000 books on the subject document the reality of this truth. However today we’re taught the falsehood against the Biblical doctrine of one tribe (out of the 13 Israel tribes) who is called Jew/Judah that all of a sudden they can replace the 100 times bigger and greater 12 tribes of Israel (The house of Israel is never interchangable with house of Judah. The word jew only shows up 30 times in the old testament, but non-jewish Israelites are mentioned about 3,000 times in the Bible). That name Jew in Scripture has never meant all 12 tribes, however only now in this time of history has that name Jew been changed and stolen by edomite canaanites to exclude the rest of the tribes of Israel.  We’re approaching those times when these awakened ones will finally take part in fulfilling their great destiny, and covenantal promises from God almighty that declares the true Israel of God will prevail over the lies perpetrated on us all by those in cohorts with counterfeit Israel who specifically use the term “jew”, and we finally take national responsibility to keep the law of Moses ourselves. Finally we would get our own house in order and be a witness of God’s love and truth for all humans.

As it says in Rev 2:9 and 3:9, even the counterfeit Jews will realize they are only Esau, not even true Judah. It says those false-jews will worship before our feet, of the true Israelites, and say “God has loved you”. Esau Jews were in existance in the time of Christ as He told them they were descendants of Esau and Cain. Like all other non-Christian religions they have collectively rejected the Saviour(not to single any out). It says all who have rejected Jesus are called Anti-Christ. Those with them and their multi-culture against God (yes Zionist Israel also is just another atheist state by all their admissions, it’s not a religious state). Prophecy says all these wicked who curse God’s true people will be thrown in the great winepress at Armageddon. We’ll hope the nations repent, so God will bless them for blessing true israel. Otherwise it says God will curse them that curse the TRUE Israel.

God honours His covenants to bless and prosper the true Israel. That is why more disasters are happening as people are becoming more and more in line with the NWO hostilities against the institutions ordained of YAHWEH, like families, tribes, nations and His laws. First He is preparing His people to be ready to escape and prosper, before satan’s hoards can attempt to seal our fate.

YAHWEH is on His throne, and will not step back down to earth until “His enemies are made His footstool“, and “He is coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle“. Since “the gifts and calling of God [are] without repentance.” this means true Christian Israel will not only see the original military world superpower might to their separatist nation restored, but they will be “doing greater works than Jesus did“, and raise up the “tabernacle of David“, with all the supreme power and authority as all those who “seek first His Kingdom“, as “Ambassadors” and “overcommers“, who do work toward, and pray daily that “His Kingdom come, and will be done in the earth, as it is presently done perfectly in heaven“, until we raise up a “witness of the Kingdom to all nations, and then the end does come“, a holy “city set on a hill that cannot be hid“, His Living Church today that “has already been delivered out of the power of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son“, His Holy Nation of Conquerors and with “ALL AUTHORITY and power given unto Yahshua our King” and we in His government on earth are spiritually 1/3 “already seated with Him on His throne” as His church, the Ekklesia, the greek word used in those roman times meaning “the ruling elite”. And as “His Living Royal Priesthood“, our Valiantly Reigning “King-Priest For Ever After the Order of Melchizedek“, obeying His living word, preserved in the Holy Scriptures, we go forward in obedience to His great commission to “teach all nations to obey His law” leading by example as hundreds of verses command His True Israel to be such a holy example, delivering us from the curses of race-mixing, that is called “a punishment, and thorns in the eyes of His people“.  Blessing His people with lawful and joyful separatism, not cursing them with the curse of bastardization and Adulteration of the holy seed, but “reckoning them by genealogy“, by “the ensign of their father’s house“, and punishing “the treachery of mingled seed.” , keeping the cursed mixture mamzer/mongrel “out of the congregation for at least ten generations“. Forcing upon the congregation, a hoard of cursed mamzers is not blessing Israel. The blessing will be “rooting up every tree He has not planted“, out of our camps, and humanely letting them live elsewhere in peace.

Gen 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

As every Royal Priest does in spreading the good news of His true law and order that will be restored as we go ”To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all His saints. Praise ye the LORD.” (Psalms 149:8-9 )

Mat 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

True Israel is in the majority still in America, unmixed and living outside the major metropolitain areas, in such rural places, as His King Priest elect, being preserved for His glory. Europe is also highly pure! Israel Christendom is alive and well according to the word of YAHWEH. We of Israel Christendom have all the cards, and no one else has His love, truth, peace and restoration of order. There is no other way but through His Son the eternal Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and the obedience to His eternal laws which Eternal Jesus also gave to Moses, we have it all by promise and birthright, we “His adopted people of one racial flesh, called the true Saxon Israelites“. Enough talk on the race, His GRACE is “Power from God to obey” Romans 1:15. It is His powerful grace that we are able to hear and understand His word. A great and mighty calling, and an “evidence that we are of His Sheep“. “It is God who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” What an awesome honour it is if the creator has placed His will to obey in our hearts, He is one with us and doing a work in us. And He that began the good work in us will be faithful to complete it, and His word does not come back void.
May He wash us in His blood , to those of us who “confes our sin“, we thank you that you grant us forgiveness, daily, and we raise our heads up High as His Ambassadors as the Holy Spirit gives us the strength and power, much more divine help and power than they had in the old testament, to obey all as He would have us in His eternal word, covenants, destiny calling to live as true Royal Priests for His Kingdom, urging all others to repent before He does return, which also begins with confession. May we with all the anointing and power of the Holy spirit perform it in His name.

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MONEY MERCHANTS THINK innovation thrives in cities

More words of wisdom from Brother Reinhold.

MONEY MERCHANTS THINK innovation thrives in cities
I have corrected the headline for  the Jewish Fable “Why innovation thrives in cities” (below). We need not wonder who paid MIT Center For Deception to publish this Poppycock.
UNDERSTAND THIS:  Consumption is not Productivity!
Devoid of any capacity for reason, hare-brained academics conclude that the high-density population of lab rats crammed into city of high rise buildings result in “superlinear scaling”  of  a “corporation’s productivity. ”  We are asked to believe this poppycock because the MIT academics suppose that corporate productivity in the city constitutes actual productivity within a Society.    
Reason plainly demonstrates that this inanity proclaims the stupidity that permeates this decadent society.  The inane presumption that “money is value” or that “money is wealth” is far too common.  Such measures of “productivity” is falsely predicated on the imbecilic notion that things like the Bogus Federal Reserve Note are measured in “Dollars or Units of Money.” This deception misguides all commerce. In order to foster Human Prosperity a rational apprehension that production must only be measured in actual value of substantive product.   Publishing elevated numbers derived by fraudulent  accounting practices, deception and theft comprises the greatest criminal enterprise ever devised.
NONE of those Lab Rats crammed into the Corporate Offices in a City could arrive anywhere without the super abundance taken by them from the actual producers of wealth.  We can readily deduce that the  ”superlinear scaling” of increased “productivity”  (Increased monetary gain)   taken by the Criminal Enterprises in the City is any increase of actual productivity,  but rather the increased “TAKING OF MONEY” is direct result of efficiencies derived by increased deadly force applied by the parasites that steal wealth rather than produce wealth.
The Actual Producers of Wealth must disarm the Criminal Enterprise that steal the fruits of their labor.
RISE UP AND SHINE !  Take Down That Evil Tower
Abolish and exterminate the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.
In His name and by His power.
Why innovation thrives in cities
by Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Boston MA (SPX) Jun 06, 2013

“When you pack people together, something special happens,” says Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Science and director of the Human Dynamics Laboratory.

In 2010, in the journal Nature, a pair of physicists at the Santa Fe Institute showed that when the population of a city doubles, economic productivity goes up by an average of 130 percent. Not only does total productivity increase with increased population, but so does per-capita productivity.

In the latest issue of Nature Communications, researchers from the MIT Media Laboratory’s Human Dynamics Lab propose a new explanation for that “superlinear scaling”: Increases in urban population density give residents greater opportunity for face-to-face interaction.

The new paper builds on previous work by the same group, which showed that increasing employees’ opportunities for face-to-face interaction could boost corporations’ productivity.

In those studies, the researchers outfitted employees of a bank, of an IT consulting firm, and of several other organizations with tiny transmitters, developed by the Human Dynamics Lab, that actively measured the time the wearers spent in each other’s presence. Obviously, that approach wouldn’t work in a study of the entire populations of hundreds of cities.

So Wei Pan, a PhD student and first author on the new paper, looked at a host of factors that could be used to predict what the researchers are calling social-tie density, or the average number of people that each resident of a city will interact with in person.

Those factors include things like the number of call partners with whom a cellphone user will end up sharing a cell tower, instances of colocation with other users of location-tracking social-networking services like Foursquare, and the contagion rates of diseases passed only by intimate physical contact.

The availability of different types of data varied across the hundreds of cities in the United States and Europe that the researchers considered. But Pan and his colleagues concocted a single formula that assigned each city a social-tie-density score on the basis of whatever data was available. That score turned out to be a very good predictor of each city’s productivity, as measured by both gross domestic product and patenting rates.

Planning for productivity
“When you pack people together, something special happens,” says Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Science and director of the Human Dynamics Laboratory.

“This is the sort of thing that Adam Smith wanted to explain. He explained it through specialization: People were able to narrow what they did to get better at it, and because they were nearby, they could trade with each other. And Karl Marx described a different kind of specialization, which is classes – management class, owner class and proletariat. And other people have come up with other explanations for this basic phenomenon.”

What the new work shows, Pentland says, is that “a lot of the things that people have been arguing about for centuries are not actually things that need explaining. They just come from the basic pattern of social networks.”

The work could, however, have very real consequences for urban planning. For instance, Pentland says, there’s evidence that the principle of superlinear scaling does not hold in poor countries, even in cities with the same population densities as major European and American cities. “The reason is that the transportation is so bad,” Pentland says. “People might as well be in the village, because they only interact with their little local group.”

Similarly, Pan says, “People know that when a city’s population grows, there’s scaling, and the productivity increases. But in these megacities, especially in China, no one knows whether that scaling will continue, because no other city is that big.”

In Beijing today, Pan says, “it’s really hard to move from one side to the other. I believe, personally, that social-tie density will drop because you can’t really move freely anymore with the population increases. Unless Beijing solves these transportation problems, pumping in more people won’t continue to drive the density.”

Pentland adds that another figure that usually scales superlinearly with urban population is crime. But an exception to that rule is Zurich. “For various reason, its population has exploded in the last 20 years,” Pentland says.

“And they knew this was going to happen because of demographics. So they invested just an unholy amount of money in public transportation. You end up with this cloud of towns around Zurich, but everybody can get into Zurich in 15 minutes. More than 60 percent of the population moves into the center of Zurich during the day.” As a consequence, Pentland says, Zurich enjoys all of the productivity benefits of social-tie density with much lower crime rates.

“In the next 10 years, we expect that India and China will each build a hundred cities of a million people or more,” Pentland says. “Hopefully, what we can do is help them make better choices in designing these cities.”

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