Why Become a Monk of Glastonbury? HEBREW APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION

Rome’s Loose Apostolic Succession 
Culdee Rite of Apostolic Succession
Glastonbury Monks had 10 times more rights than any Knights Templars ever had. Several international Kings recruited their Monks to be their court Bishops. Other Kings wished to retire one day and become a Glastonbury Monk. Many English Kings brought copies of the ancient charters of Glastonbury to the Pope. Often these popes would immediately make a papal bull to recognize the pertual rights of Glastonbury Clerics to command nearly all of England, as well as be independent from all Roman jurisdictions.
Our annual pilgrimages and sattelite intstitutions of Glastonbury have been flourishing. The sovereign inheritance rights were claimed and remained intact. Glastonbury Monk John Nott was the only monk who refused to sign King Henry VIII’s act of supremacy and retained the long list of inheritance rights cataloged in numerous charters and papal bulls. His sucessor John Nott in 1639 wrote America’s first constitution at the New Glastonbury in America. This new Glastonbury in Connecticut is not well known, except for it’s mineral and gem quarries. He was judge, lawman and surveyor there, and he alloted part of Wethersfield to be the Glastonbury of America. He also drew the first orders for assembling the militia of Glastonbury.  It was by his decree as judge (which God enabled) that the new Glastonbury in America was formed. He drafted the text of America’s first constitution which read “for maintaining the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ”.  The fact that John Nott refused to recognize any worldly authority in this constitution, further substantiated the claim of the Culdee of Glastonbury. Connecticut is known as the constitution state of America. This paved the way for all subsequent constitutions to be held back from interfering in our inalienable rights to serve Jesus first. The struggle was secured and there wasn’t much else to do but enjoy in all the benefits which stem from the Glastonbury Apostolic See. 
Most are so ignorant about the fact that England had the most Bishops, and they followed the true succession as outlined in the Welsh Pedigrees of Saints. Download “the 130 Saints of Great Britain before the coming of Augustine” also at http://glastonburyculdee.org
If you feel called, you too can unite with us in the daily services as Monks of Glastonbury. Come with us on an upcoming Pilgrimage to this Holy Land.
     As known the world over: “the most hallowed ground on earth”, “The Sacred Isle”, “The Motherland”, “the Old Church”, “the Mother of Saints” “the Second Rome”,  “the Cradle of Christianity”, “Built by the Hands of God Himself”“the fountain and origin of all  religion”, “built by the hands of Christ Himself”.
In your service, for His Kingdom governance on earth,
Rev Stephen MK
Lord Prior, Glastonbury Abbey
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