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The Kingdom Covenant of “a Thousand Generations”

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MP3 from TCAWW, “The Kingdom Covenant of 1,000 Generations

This Mp3 goes into many aspects of the covenantal “1,000 Generations”.

I believe you’ll find this MP3 very encouraging, it’s called “the 1,000 Generations“. From this Sabbath’s Bible study which I did for TCAWW. Join us live next week in the chatroom for fellowship, questions and answers!

Click here to listen in: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-73940/TS-750335.mp3 please feel free to spread it to others.

As always on the weekly broadcast “the Kingdom Message” we discuss the foundational covenants of the Kingdom we were told to pray it be done in the earth and “seek it first” till we be a full witness of it and the end comes.

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